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  1. yates84

    Whats up guys!?!? Been a while

    Hello my AM family, been a long time! Wanted to see what was happening over here now.
  2. yates84

    Yates tests out vital alchemy youth gh, a comparison to real HGH.

    Welcome! First, I would like to give a shout out to strong supplement shop for giving me this opportunity. I have been on 191aa hgh for the past year, started it up after I crushed my foot with a jackhammer and enjoyed the benefits so much that I have continued 2.5iu a day since then. The sleep...
  3. yates84

    Yates tests out green 20x kratom from straight up kratom was nice enough to let me try out 10g of their new 20x kratom! Package came fast and was discreet, was packed tight and bag/label look professional. I weighed the contents and the 10g bag was exactly 10g so that’s always a plus! I like getting what I pay for. Took half...
  4. yates84

    Predator nutrition: I need answers

    Since you won’t answer your emails I will make a forum post. I bought 3 bottles of your pheraplex, used one bottle, and am super disappointed in my results or lack there of. Have emailed you many times about this with absolutely no response. What gives?
  5. yates84

    USA Do not buy from dt808 he is a scammer

    As title states, Dt808 is a scammer and is no bueno
  6. yates84

    Epic Sparta nutrition sale!

    Get in on this!
  7. yates84

    25% off sparta nutrition!

    That's right, 25% off until the 10th!
  8. yates84

    Sparta v2 has arrived! Check these out!

    CERBERUS V2 | EXTREME TRIPLE STACK PROHORMONE Cerberus V2 is the strongest legal triple stack prohormone on the market. Prepare yourself: Cerberus V2 is a new breed of prohormones, unlike others, that comes stacked with a whopping 85mg of 1-Andro, 85mg of 4-Andro, and 150mg of Epiandro per...
  9. yates84

    Sparta kraken! It's finally here!

    KRAKEN l THE STRONGEST PREWORKOUT IN THE GAME RELEASE THE KRAKEN: in typical Sparta Nutrition fashion, we have formulated the most hardcore, stimulant loaded, balanced preworkout in the industry. Insane energy, increased pumps, unparalleled focus, and the endurance of Leonidas himself. Scoop...
  10. yates84

    Sparta 30% off Sale! Seize your glory!

    That's right, we're doing it big this labor day with the sale of all sales! Gtfih, this won't last long! Bogos on your favorite natty anabolics too! Sales don't get better than this!
  11. yates84

    USA Quitting supps so take these off my hands

    Gotta bunch of stuff I wanna get off of so pm me for a list. Not really feeling eating pills anymore...
  12. yates84

    Sparta is at it again! Logging opps for hercules! GTFIH!

    Hercules Hercules, the son of Zeus, is the strongest of all mortals and known for his strength. At Sparta Nutrition, we realize the potential of natural anabolics and their versatility. Achieve superior strength and build lean muscle mass with Hercules on or off cycle! Featuring the highest...
  13. yates84

    Sparta needs 9 loggers for our 3 new products! GTFIH!

    At Sparta we are serious about your gains, that's why we have come out with 2 new andros and an epicatechin product featuring tetrasorb technology! Add in the highest doses and cap count available and you have some serious gains! We need 3 loggers for each our androsterone, epiandrosterone, and...
  14. yates84

    Epimax epiandrosterone info/Q&A

    EpiMax Fellow Spartans behold EpiMax: the strongest Epiandrosterone product in the industry. EpiMax utilizes the highest dose of Epiandrosterone with Tetrasorb Delivery Technology to increase aggression, muscle mass, strength, recomp, libido, and definition to turn you into an elite God-like...
  15. yates84

    Andromax androsterone info/Q&A

    AndroMax AndroMax: the strongest Androsterone product in the industry. Androsterone utilizes the highest dose of Androsterone with Tetrasorb Delivery Technology to increase lean muscle mass, intensity, hardening, bloat reduction and libido to turn you into an elite God-like warrior. AndroMax...
  16. yates84

    Epicurus myostatin inhibitor info/Q&A

    Epicurus The foremost Epicatechin product curated for the God’s themselves: Epicurus. Epicurus will redefine the term “natural anabolic” with the usage of Epicatechin combined Tetrasorb Delivery Technology to improve bioavailability of epicatechin! Epicurus Benefits: Increased Strength &...
  17. yates84

    SPARTA NUTRITION needs 4 loggers!

    Spartans, from a young age, were forced to grow up, harden the fu*k up, and become the elite. As it is said, we are given many things in this life for the wrong reasons. What we do with such blessings is the true test of man. Sparta Nutrition is on a mission to breed warriors that history once...
  18. yates84

    Post Cycle Therapy: A User's Guide

    When any exogenous hormone (such as SARM's, anabolic androgenic steriods, pro-hormones, or designer steroids) is used, your natural testosterone production will be suppressed. When the use of these exogenous hormones is discontinued natural testosterone production will still be suppressed, and...
  19. yates84

    Eta for conqu3r unleashed

    What's going on, guys? I live in nc, do I just need to drive up there to pick up my conqu3r? Me checking my emails every 5 minutes for shipping updates is really starting to toy with my emotions. WHAT'S THE DEAL????
  20. yates84

    I need Carder1ne

    Looking for one or two bottles of Olympus UK carderine. Got some? Let me trade you something! I have lots of cool stuff laying around so pm me