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  1. Vitruvian Man

    USA Icon One (slightly used)

    Have Icon One with 8-12 pumps used (I believe 10 pumps is the exact number). I have super sensitive skin and this has not cooperated with me unfortunately. Looking for Epicatechin, Ursa Major, or Arimistane supps for trades, OBO DM offers. 👍
  2. Vitruvian Man

    Becoming Invictus.

    Salvēte! Over the next 4 weeks I will be utilizing Iron Legion Invictus as part of my contest prep. As of today I am 33 days out, my first dose will be tomorrow thus giving me 32 days of Invictus to the show date. Starting Stats: 5’11, 173.8lbs(last week daily average). I am currently racing...
  3. Vitruvian Man

    USA Apex Alchemy Kronos (11KT)

    I have 1 bottle of 11KT I bought awhile back out of fear it’d never be available again. It is banned in my league so I won’t be using. Up for trade or sale (its unopened obviously). Would like; ThermoAmp, any Epi product, or maybe a pre. Hmu
  4. Vitruvian Man

    The ANDROGIN Experience

    Webpage/Write-up: Product: Starting Stats: 5’11, 188-190lbs Training/Diet: Have initial Skype meeting with my coach on Monday, prepping for a Physique show in June. So all that will come then. Blah blah blah: So just a general...
  5. Vitruvian Man

    The Anabolic Effect of Sustaining Alpha

    Hello people. After my latest PCT run with Sustain Alpha, Rebirth and some other goodies (that can be found here: Before & After from last log: I am now continuing the...
  6. Vitruvian Man

    Sustain Alpha // REBIRTH // Epicatechin, Phosphatidic Acid // ULTIMATE PCT Log

    After my latest run with 1 & 4 DHEA it is time to do PCT, and hopefully continue making gains 😈 1DHEA+4DHEA Stack Log: STATS: 5’11, 184.6lbs (AM per last day of Andros) Physique flick (don’t mind the hair...
  7. Vitruvian Man

    Bench Press Powerlifting / Strength Program

    Sup y’all recently stalling out on the Texas Method with a 5x5 at 260 and 5RM at 280. Max is probably between 320-330lbs. What should I move onto?
  8. Vitruvian Man

    3AD vs Epiandro/Androsterone

    I currently have Super Mandro (1dhea) and Andro the Giant (4dhea) for an Andro cycle I plan to run in 2 weeks. How does 3ad stack up against Epi and/or Androsterone? Was going to run the 1Andro and buy some Alpha Four (4andro + androsterone). But since I have 1/4 already am conflicted on buying...
  9. Vitruvian Man

    BMP - Bad Initial Response

    I did 2 caps of BMP yesterday and it caused me the worst burps/acid reflux (had that feeling that food was coming back up my throat, is that what acid reflux is? Lol). Washed the 2 caps down with 10oz water after my typical breakfast. Then went to workout where I drink usually 1 gallon +. It...
  10. Vitruvian Man

    BMP + Which fat burner

    Sup y’all was gonna do BMP/Anabolic Effect stack but I think I’m going to hold off and run AE in the fall time. Want to get shredded and then do the cleanest bulk of my life. Coming off of True Shred and Epicat. Near or sub 10% BF eating 2.5k cal/day and roughly 30min HIIT/week with another...
  11. Vitruvian Man

    BMP Stacked with... ???

    Want to run BMP following my current stack, as part of a cut. Thinking of running with Anabolic Effect but open to ideas. Cycling off Epicat, so no products with that. And also don’t use ArA
  12. Vitruvian Man

    True Shred Dosing

    Running True Shred currently, can I dose all four caps at once opposed to splitting the doses up? Is there any benefit to the 2 twice a day
  13. Vitruvian Man

    EP1LOGUE + True Shred Experience

    Okay.... so I tried this once before. Thread for some reason says “Waiting for approval before being displayed publicly”. Not sure why, tried contacting admin so here is round 2. Original OP: STARTING UPDATE: (also adding to OP) 5’11, 180.4lbs upon waking. PICTURES: GOALS: I don’t really have...