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  1. Tell Us What You Would Like to See From SNS & CEL (2022 Edition)

    I still have some of the powder version I will try two scoops today for fun, always liked one so two must be better.
  2. Tell Us What You Would Like to See From SNS & CEL (2022 Edition)

    Yes you need at least four or five pills before each workout everything out is under dosed.
  3. Holiday deals???

    Cyber Monday seems to have better offers so far.
  4. Tell Us What You Would Like to See From SNS & CEL (2022 Edition)

    Triacetyladenosine 200mg caps.
  5. Holiday deals???

    GNC buy one get one 50 percent off all most everything sale!!!
  6. Holiday deals???

    Muscle tech 40 percent off select products and buy two get one protein sale!!!
  7. Holiday deals???

    Iron-legion buy one get one 70 percent off mix and match!!!
  8. Holiday deals???

    Fruity cereal and strawberry shortcake the last two samples I tried holly **** those are good.
  9. Holiday deals???

    What’s your favorite flavor from them??
  10. The New Product Release Thread

    Easy convenient great formula.
  11. Holiday deals???

    Yes I use to go with my protein all the time but I guess the additives don’t go well with my stomach anymore so I switched to egg protein powder no issues. So I wanted to try and see if ketogenics hurt my stomach and so far it’s been fine. But the flavors are some of the best I have ever tried...
  12. Holiday deals???

    Do companies still give out protein samples i recently picked some up from ketogenics, in water these taste like treats I can’t imagine what they would be like in milk or cream. Getting back to my point does anyone know any other companies that offer samples?
  13. Holiday deals???

    Can’t wait think this year all the deals will be great!!
  14. Holiday deals???

    Was thinking so but I’m all ready getting emails from other companies, but yea if we can update this thread with holiday deals that would be great.
  15. Holiday deals???

    Any pre Black Friday deals going or upcoming deals on some supplements post it here.
  16. A single Urolithin B supplement?

    @xtyler from your experience how much should be taken a day, which is the best time to take it and what type of results have you experienced from it?
  17. A single Urolithin B supplement?

    Picked up a bottle can’t wait to try.
  18. Does anyone supplement additional B3 and why?

    Yes maybe a little more.
  19. Does anyone supplement additional B3 and why?

    Sleep has benefited greatly from an additional b3 throughout the morning and afternoon.