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    That's right folks.. For a long time, NTKTS was only available on the Mr. Supps website, which is a sister company to NTBM.. However things are looking up for EVERYONE and I am proud to announce that in about a week or so the full line up of NTKTS will be available at NEEDTOBUILDMUSCLE.COM...
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    A Blessing from SouthernCharm - 25% off any ntbm order... first 35 order only!!!!

    That's right guys.. Southerncharm25 gets you 25% off for a limited time. Use on any of your orders but this is only available to the first 35 people who place an order.. SO HURRY!!!! :swordfight:
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    Topical Dermacrine as a Base to All PH/DS Cycles

    Many of us have experienced the side effects from oral steroids. Whether you have taken Beastdrol, Mdrol, Helladrol, Hdrol, Epi-strong, Epistane you name it. What has become popular lately is the "bridge" cycle. Combining two or more methyl or non-methyl steroids in a single cycle overlapping...
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    GEAR : Keep Your Body In Anabolic Overdrive! Protein is one of the best – and worst – understood macronutrients in the bodybuilding world. Every bodybuilder knows they need at least a gram of protein per pound of bodyweight, but very little is understood...
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    YOKED UP! The Official AnabolicMinds Egg Eating Contest. VIDEO CONTEST!!!

    First of all, I'd like to thank AntonG420 for starting that egg maniac thread. Lots of talk about eating eggs, so this contest was a must. Here are the Official Rules: 1. We don't need to know your real name. We don't need to know your age, stats or anything other than your AM screen name...
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    Products By Need To Build Muscle Not sure exactly how long this will last, but if Nutra is your one stop shop and you wanna try out one of the many NTBM products, get them at a low price... Come on guys check it out!
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    Life Measurement, Inc..

    I keep hearing about this on other boards. It's an accurate way to measure a lot of what we strive to find out. BMI, BF, BMR, etc.. Accurate as can be... Life Measurement, Inc. BOD POD Often found in certain doctors offices and universities...
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    SouthernCharm and NTKTS.. A match made in HELL!! ;) NTKTS UNBIASED REVIEW

    Oh yeaahh!!! It's time for me to post a big, thorough review on here. Yes, I'm a rep, but that won't sway my honesty. I'm all about raw feedback. ;) First of all... Thank you Nathan for allowing so many members to try this product for themselves. I hope this inspires OTHERS who have been...
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    Christmas Memories Contest @ NTBM!!!

    SouthernCharm's Christmas Memories Contest - Need To Build Muscle Rules.. You gotta be a member on NTBM to post. This contest is not here.. Go check it out!!!!!!!!!
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    SouthernCharm's Feedback CONTEST!!!

    Feedback is everything to us. Unbiased, unaltered, REAL feedback helps us grow as a company. I know a lot of you guys received products to log, and not to mention all of you that have added NTBM products to your staples... This contest is to thank you for your feedback and your patronage. Now...
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    Don't miss out.. Ive had this sales code in my siggy since it started and I hope you guys took advantage of it! giveme20 Sale ends tonight. Dont miss out, this is 20% with free priority shipping on everything that NTBM offers!!! And if you can't scrounge up the funds before the sale is...
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    Cruise - Please only if you have experience...

    Does anyone have a tested blast and cruise method/ recovery method after a long long time on?? Im not gonna cruise this cycle but am wanting to get more info. As I sit here at the end of the first quarter of my cycle, I am already thinking of what I might run in the future. Depending on how...
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    SouthernCharm's Official Review of MST's RPG IBCAAs

    First of all, I want to mention that this was not a sponsored run, I purchased this product in order to try something new, and give another company a chance. I will say before I get to the review, that I am anything but disappointed. Recovery Yeah... I'm on a cut. Lifting big on a calorie...
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    25% off EVERYTHING AT NTBM!!! Good til 9/24

    EVERYTHING AT NTBM IS NOW 25% OFF USING DISCOUNT CODE AM25 FROM NOW TILL NEXT FRIDAY THE 24TH EVERYTHING IS 25% off using discount code "AM25" Everything in the store is 25%+free 2-3 day shipping on top of that. All week until next Friday :shocked::shocked::shocked:
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    This Ain't Yo Mamma's Fat Burner! - Adderllin, EGCG, CLA log...

    mod edit: this company is not a sponsor here. Read the rule pertaining to sponsors.
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    Maybe im blind but I didn't see a write up for this. Anywho, I decided to add some supps to my cut stack, and opted to go with a company ive never tried before... Anyone have any feedback on what to expect from this product? Should get it in two or three days...
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    LINK US TO YOUR LOG - The Official Self Promotion Thread!!

    That's right guys... Let's keep this bad boy going because I know a lot of people are logging right now... Wether you're logging a pre workout, a workout routine, or an anabolic cycle, let us know! get more hits in your logs and post your links! Mine is in my signature, but you may click...
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    well, what are you waiting for?!

    If you guys haven't had a chance to sign up over at, take some time today! The whole NTBM would love to hear from you guys and see yall participate in our community! Hit us up on there! Come on over guys I promise there's a good aura about! Need To Build Muscle - Powered...
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    may be in wrong section- has anyone tried injectable b complex??

    has anyone tried injectable b12 or b complex vitamins? I would imagine the delivery is close to instant? What about frequency, pain, what pins do you use. etc.
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    Motivation is Everything

    Why do I say that motivation is everything? Because without it, the tools we know how to use are left alone with no use. Without motivation there is no success.. Without motivation, we would all simply eat to maintain and that would be the end of that. Without motivation people wouldn't post...