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  1. raginfcktard

    Test Ace

    go everyday....y u ask? cause pinning is our favorite part of any day!
  2. raginfcktard

    3clipseGT's rise from disaster!

    split your leg training you twat!
  3. raginfcktard

    CEL M-drol clone

    how the hell do you not know what m-drol is?
  4. raginfcktard

    PLEASE stop with the WHINING

    eww ewww pick me pick me
  5. raginfcktard

    Testicle pain.

    i get the same thing..i just associated it with shut down and pain coming from atrophy cause my balls are HUUUUGGGE! lol
  6. raginfcktard

    B6, Vitex or P5P??

    yes but dosing b6 high for a length of time can damage nerve endings, so many opt for p5p
  7. raginfcktard

    Your thoughts on the 09 O

    heath got 5th. narrow clavicles are he weakness. he's my idea of the next dex...but he keeps putting size on so who knows.
  8. raginfcktard

    B6, Vitex or P5P??

    prosource has some at a nice price but not as high of concentration as powerful by usp. i was taking 3 preworkout and 3 before bed but i wasn't running a tren product at the time (m1t) so you'll have to get insight from an avid tren user. with the 5p5 6 caps a day should be good
  9. raginfcktard

    How Much Weight Was USC Running Back Stafon Johnson Lifting?

    for people that are unsafe...thumbless or false grip keep the weight in line with the forearm for more comfortable pressing and puts almost no torque on the wrist. also d emphasizes the mental processes of grip so you are more focused on pressing. for powerlifters i'll sing a different tune...
  10. raginfcktard

    26 Time World Series Champion New York Yankees

    blahahahaha...i hate that talking out of their nose ****!
  11. raginfcktard

    26 Time World Series Champion New York Yankees

    you forgot the word "suck" at the end of the thread title!
  12. raginfcktard

    Need this one answered

    i use no protein powder during contest diets and no bars either
  13. raginfcktard

    Serious Mass VS Mass Tech!!!!

    tastes like **** like ****. get a good eaa, same thing almost!
  14. raginfcktard

    Your thoughts on the 09 O

    thats cause wolf always sucked and everybody was on this i hate cutler penis sniffing party a few years ago. cutler out muscled branch hands down, dex never should beat cutler last year! i personally kai should of got thrid...dex looks like a toddler next to branch, culter, and kai. i also...
  15. raginfcktard

    CellMass or just CEE

    my thoughts exactly! i will also like to mention that i had great results with Creatine AKG back when the original anavol was out.
  16. raginfcktard

    Serious Mass VS Mass Tech!!!!

    go by how many carbs you want...i personally think serious mass is too high where as masstheh is a nice just above 3:1 ratio of carbs to protein. screw the creatine...its so cheap you can add it to any shake that doesn't have it! cell tech is diabetes in a bottle you better off adding a juice...
  17. raginfcktard

    B6, Vitex or P5P??

    p5p and l-dopa
  18. raginfcktard


    wrong section and no sourcing bucko!
  19. raginfcktard

    starting over after 19 years

  20. raginfcktard

    Your thoughts on the 09 O

    Thats what im saying...English's abs suck whale penis!!! his legs may have been better but nothing else to my eye!