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  1. mkretz

    USA Sealed bloodshed tubs

    I have 5 sealed blood shred tubs I'm looking to sell. I was looking for $20 a tub.
  2. mkretz

    Mkretz makes his return with The Muscle Sculptor by Vital Alchemy

    First and foremost I need to thank the guys at Vital Alchemy for giving me the opportunity to use this product. The Muscle Sculptor is: A formula that doubles as both a natural anabolic and an intense fat loss agent that provides potent yet clean energy, appetite suppression, improved...
  3. mkretz

    Last 4 weeks of prep

    My gf is having trouble dropping the last few lbs in her prep...she's hovers between 108 and 109 for the last 2 weeks. Her cardio had been increased to 20-30 min every day and hiit one day a week. She has a refeed day on Saturday with carbs around 210. Calories range from about 1270-1380...
  4. mkretz

    First real cut with New finaflex PX ultra

    First off huge thank you to finaflex for giving me this opportunity Seconds a huge thank you for dealing with my BS First 3 doses i took on 3 consecutive days i was fine for a few hours and for whatever reason didnt feel well after so I topped taking it to see if it was the supplement, Well...
  5. mkretz

    11-KT, Alphadrone Topicals.....lets do this!

    First of huge shoutout to NutraChem and the people over at Nutraceutical innovations for letting me log these top of the line products. A but about me Age - 26 Height - 5'9 Weight - 195 Bench - 300 Squat - 385 DL- 520 So in december I was 155lbs, so Ive put on a lot of weight since then...
  6. mkretz


    First off huge shout out to the people over at Iforce for giving the opportunity to log this and also being okay with me starting a bit late. Up until now i have used PES Ergonine intraworkout and BCAAS intra/post workout. I usually train fasted so I will also usually take a serving of BCAAS...
  7. mkretz

    Seeking advice for my girlfriend's var/clen cycle

    My girlfriend is about 130-132lbs 24 years old 5'0 tall and looking to shed some weight. We have slowly increased her calories to 1700 with her macros around 140 protein 150 carb and 60 fat she is still maintaining at this intake. She has a hip injury so cant do much lower body but does chest...
  8. mkretz

    Advice needed for my girlfriend's cycle!

    My girlfriend is about 130-132lbs 24 years old 5'0 tall and looking to shed some weight. We have slowly increased her calories to 1700 with her macros around 140 protein 150 carb and 60 fat she is still maintaining at this intake. She has a hip injury so cant do much lower body but does chest...
  9. mkretz

    Mkretz walks on the Dark side with Trenabolic! (sponsored)

    First off HUUUGE thanks for letting me log this product! This is my first run of a product like this and it means a lot to be chosen to run a good log and I plan to do just that Trenabolic is a topical derivative of Tren which is known as one of the most anabolic compounds there is! My plan...
  10. mkretz

    inhibit e or arimidex on trenbolic?

    As title states'........ What would u use' also thinking inhibit p
  11. mkretz

    Road to Elite status, RagNOrak ELITE!

    Huge thanks for the opportunity to log this product! It has been a while since I logged a preworkout but have tried MANY in the past and look forward to loging this product. Initial thoughts - This formula is sick! Looks like a solid formula here...
  12. mkretz

    Lots of fat loss supplements....what to do with them all?

    Ok so I ahve a client that is getting ready to start a 12 week cut for her first show in october. She has AfricanMango, Green Coffee Bean, Raspberry Ketones, ALA, ALCAR, green tea extract, forsoklin, and oxy therm fat burner........... How would u suggest dosing all this and when.... Thanks for...
  13. mkretz

    What kind of pumps can a Thunderbolt bring? (sponsored)

    Huge thanks to anteus labs for giving me the chance to log this. I have ben a in a little bit of a rut lately and hope that this is jsut what I need to kick start some new gains. I will update all my info tomorrow....early morning tomorrow!
  14. mkretz

    Bring on the GAINZ!!! PRIME and Versa 1 log!

    Whats up Ya'll!!!!! This is actually my first unsponsored log since the very beginning, pretty pumped or some gains!!! The majority o my logs in the past have been with preworkouts and BCAA products so this should be fun! Stats: Age - 24 (just turned Jan 21st) Height - 5'9 Weight - 163-165...
  15. mkretz

    USP LABS PRIME and VERSA - 1 questions

    I am looking to start a stack of versa 1 and prime I follow IF and really only eat one large meal that is spread over a couple of hours, I know prime is recommended to be taken with food....could i take 2 preworkout with 1 versa 1 and maybe 4 with my big meal and still see results? The versa...
  16. mkretz

    Mkretz's first cut with Formutech level !!

    Hey guys, first of all HUGE thanks to formutech nutrition for letting me log this great product. I have heard some great things about it and look forward to some good things. It has been a while since ive done a log and look forward to starting one up again. These next coupe weeks are going to...
  17. mkretz

    Gaining lean mass with Iforce Isotean

    Thank yo to Iforce for letting me try this product. I have never had the opportunity to log a protein product and am looking forward to making some great gains throughout this log. current stats height - 5'9 weight - 168 do not know maxes since i have not maxedout in a while rough estimates -...
  18. mkretz

    Becoming the next prodigy with PNI's Prodigy

    Whats up guys and welcome! Glad to have everyone in! Huge thanks to PNI for letting me log this amazing product. I had tried the OG Prodigy just a month ago so its effects are fresh in my mind for sure. I thought it was amazing so i really ant wait to try this new and improved formula. The...
  19. mkretz

    One of the first to get STIMUL8ED!!!

    Got my CLassified container toay of finaflex's new pre w/o, stimul8! only thing on the bottle is the flavor : - Apple blast and the directions which are to take one heaping scoop in 8-12 oz. of water 15 min prior to workout! I have loved every finaflex product i have ever tried and expect...
  20. mkretz

    Mkretz gets Restored, Formutech Restore

    Just got the bottle in today and will start dosing tomorrow. I will stick with 4 pills (one serving) each day. I will take all 4 pills with a meal around dinner time....unless it can be taken on an empty stomach ill take it in the morning. I am currently running 400mg test cyp/wk, two...