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  1. How to cycle Ashwagandha?

    Just started Jarrow's KSM-66 maybe 7 weeks ago. Great stuff. I usually take a cap around 6am and another after lunch, about 12:30 or 1:00. The morning dose is also with coffee and L-Theanine.
  2. Anabeta ( Anacyclus Pyrethrum D.C. )

    Ha! Yes... exactly....ArA or something along that line was the other possibility I had in my head.
  3. Anabeta ( Anacyclus Pyrethrum D.C. )

    What Syn said. But the AB v3 will most likely be alone. Maybe add in erase or a little something, but nothing major. I've tended to go solo on most things now a days...and usually only 2-3 times a year. It's been about a year+ since I've ran anything tho
  4. Anabeta ( Anacyclus Pyrethrum D.C. )

    Well.... Looks like I'll have to give that a go here shortly!
  5. Anabeta ( Anacyclus Pyrethrum D.C. )

    So what does CistaMax do? Personally, I really liked version 1 best. Didn't know there was a v3.
  6. Non-stim focus.

    Nutriverse didn't actually have it. After I ordered it they sent me something saying it's backordered. That was three weeks ago.
  7. Non-stim focus.

    Did they discontinue caffeine free Focus XT? It is increasingly hard to find. Maybe it's just out of stock everywhere. Even the SNS site does not show it in stock.
  8. Non-stim focus.

    Did they discontinue caffeine free Focus XT? It is increasingly hard to find. Maybe it's just out of stock everywhere. Even the SNS site does not show it in stock.
  9. Drying FocusXT 'boulder' in the freezer?

    Just an update... Ended up talking to NP and they agreed that there was no fixing it and gave me a credit. Best of folks, I tell ya. Much easier than putting the sticky boulders in the food processor ( which I don't think would have worked in my case).
  10. Drying FocusXT 'boulder' in the freezer?

    Ok...checked it this morning and it is rock solid frozen, but you can tell it's still quite sticky. I will probably try the food processor Tuesday night on it and just hope it doesn't stick to everything.
  11. Drying FocusXT 'boulder' in the freezer?

    Sweet! Thanks. Got it from NP, so I'm kind of surprised its rocked up like that. Never had this issue before either.
  12. Drying FocusXT 'boulder' in the freezer?

    Just got a tub of the caf-free Focus xt and I've had the a tub that was kinda clumpy...but this is 3 or so large shiny boulders! My plan was to put it in the freezer with the lid off to maybe dry it out, then pop it in the food processor. Hopefully I won't have to do this again, but has...
  13. Nothing from Anabeta elite

    I'm 41 and really enjoyed Anabeta. It's probably my favorite natty supp at this point.
  14. Lifting for gains

    DC is good, but to really get the most out of it you need to have several years of consistant training under your belt. A good start would be to run a 3 or 4 day a week schedule with no more than 2 days back to back. You don't grow in the grow as you recover. This is good for...
  15. Which do you prefer?

    I've grouped them both ways, depending on what the rest of the program looked like. Right now I really like Chest and tris in the same training session, but that's because I'm on a push/pull/leg type split...and it works because it fits with the layout. I've also done super sets of Bench with...
  16. AndroMass or AndroMyth? You decide...

    Good log. Interested in how this turns out after PCT. Very exciting.
  17. SD : will everyone know I am ON

    Just show em an old MuscleTech magazine ad and tell em that's where the 15lbs came from. It says so in print. I'm sure it's true. :D Honestly though, just keep tellin em you're eating more + creatine.
  18. Chiropractic / Musculoskeletal / Joint pain Q & A...

    Great info here. I'll have to come back and read this from the beginning.
  19. For those who purchased AndroMass

    Subbed. Can't wait to see the experiences. It would be great to have a liver-safe oral supp for gains.
  20. my girlfriends protein farts are horrid what do i do

    What? My wife and I bond over this exact thing now. Nothing like a little friendly competition. Lol. But we think everything is funny.:lol: