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  1. HyperNova

    Good question
  2. EvoMuse Presents: MyoSynergy 2021

    ^^^^^^ Also wondering when will these come back
  3. Spilanthes XT - Natural Testosterone & Libido Enhancer

    U guys need to make Bryonia Laciniosa standardized to Byroviron.
  4. Topical AndroLotion

    Has anyone noticed insomnia or a reduction in sleep quality while taking this ?
  5. Top muscle builder IF

    I usually go with the 2 day priority USPS, UPS always takes forever when I use them, I think I'm gonna buy some epiandro, either probably ultra epi since I already have alpha 7, I hear epi is good for hardness and pumps.
  6. Ultra Eleven

    Androlotion has 3-ad in it.
  7. Ultra Eleven

    What are the benefits of 3-AD ? I was thing about stacking it with ultra eleven and alpha 7 ?
  8. Top muscle builder IF

    I went with the ultra 11, I will buy another bottle in a few days, tell the higher ups don't take forever with the shipping 😅
  9. Top muscle builder IF

    I just bought some alpha seven, (my 1st prohormone), I'm thinking about getting either ultra 11 or Ultra hard to stack with it ?
  10. Top muscle builder IF

    What about Ultra 11 vs Alpha 7 ? I placed an order about 2 days ago but still no shipping confirmation.
  11. Top muscle builder IF

    Ultra hard benefits vs alpha seven as far as recomp, fat loss and libido ?
  12. Top muscle builder IF

    Ultra hard benefits vs alpha seven as far as recomp, fat loss and libido ?
  13. The dangerous anabolic addiction

    Who makes transdermal Proviron.
  14. Clomid (Satans pill)

    How do you know it's not Clomid ? (Clomid can also raise your test) Have you sent it to Labs for testing ?
  15. Clomid (Satans pill)

    Enclomiphene source ?
  16. Losing weight with oxandrolone

    Yea that's the reason Dbol is better when combined with Primo, Test,Primo combo ppl still report their e2 levels tanking because primo is a fairly strong AI, Dbol strong conversion rate to e2 balances it a little better.
  17. Losing weight with oxandrolone

    Great answer bro and thank you for your thorough feedback! thinking about 20 mg DBOL and 500 primo as my first cycle, Primo has AI properties that tank your e2 levels and the Dbol should help with that. How does Dbol feel ? Should I expect water retention, increase in libido and mood elevation ?
  18. Losing weight with oxandrolone

    How harsh is Dbol on the liver at low dosages ? How does Primo compare to Var when it comes to mass,hardness and muscle fullness ?
  19. Topical AndroLotion

    Will Abliderate Ammo ever return ? I love the emodin.
  20. Thread: Anti Inflammatory Benefits of b-Androstenetriol (b-AET)

    No problem, I definitely will.