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    In the Mail ....

    @The Solution hooked me up with free shipping and went out of his way to get me a great discount on these tubs. Hasn’t come in yet but looking forward to it!

    John Meadows 2.0 programs

    I’m looking to start soon. Have been taking a break for a few months to heal up some injuries, but can’t wait to get back. This program looks intense, just what I love!

    Unanswered Artificial colors yay or nay?

    If you can’t find a decent product without them that is within budget then why not?

    Unanswered Bro split or Pull, push, legs for natural people

    the split doesn’t matter as much as your ability to recover. If you can handle more frequency and higher volume, then do that, if not, dial back the frequency and volume so you can recovery optimally

    Unanswered GDA Recommendations?

    The best ones I’ve used are recompadrol (no longer around) chaos and pain predator and evomuse slintensity. Not saying the others aren’t good, there may some other good choices as well.

    Unanswered Massage guns

    Read the posts above this. Those guys could probably answer better than me as they have done it. I would imagine a jigsaw would be a lot easier to use than a sawzall.

    Unanswered Massage guns

    I’ve heard of guys converting reciprocating saws into something similar. Apparently they can be very effective in the right situations

    Unanswered Getting as big and strong as possible

    I don’t think your plan is wrong, actually it makes sense if you want to build some real size. As far as dieting, there are many variables. Will power and laziness aside, keep in mind that especially in body building , but also in general, a lot can happen in a few years. Maybe diagnosed with an...

    Unanswered Keto Diet and working out

    I get it, but it’s not keto. Actually carb backloading is really a tkd because Kiefer wanted you to eat the carbs only after training iirc. Regardless if it works then that’s all that matters, but I just don’t want people to read this and get confused. Keto is no carbs, high fat and moderate...

    Unanswered Keto Diet and working out

    So you do carb backloading, not keto. Keto is high fat, moderate protein, no carbs, indefinitely (no refeeds or carb ups etc). I don’t think it really matters what it’s called, because I would much rather do your style of diet especially if it works, but it not keto though, even if you are in...

    Unanswered Kris Gethin- kaged muscle trainers ;

    I did his original 12 week transformation program on and his dtp program. I really like some of his stuff and I seemed to respond pretty well. Dtp is really fun, a boat load of volume and to me just almost like cardio some sets lol . 50 reps on leg press, rest 45 secs then 40...

    Unanswered Shoulder and Traps

    For me I prefer that levrone pic, but both look great. I’ve always had some nice traps, but have been doing fence work since a kid. Mixing cement, heavy wheel barrows, post diggers, so when I started lifting my traps always responded well. For me I find dead lifts, sumo dead’s, deads to shrugs...

    Build Fast Formula FullBlitz

    Thank you for the generous opportunity to use these products!

    Unanswered Vitamin d3 possibile damage help please !!

    The fact that you were able to deduce that from the original post makes you a legend in my book...

    Unanswered Creating a protocol to fit a busy and fluctuating work schedule

    If you were doing a ckd, I would say to just do something like carb backloading and have all your carbs post workout. On days you don’t workout, no carbs. That is if that is the approach you want to take and based on your goals. As far as workouts, look into fortitude training. Full body for the...

    Unanswered Peri-Workout Carbs - Are We Overthinking This?

    I don’t agree. It may not be necessary, but he whole point of intra carbs is to enhance recovery when combined with a good amount of training volume and coupled with aminos. But if just carbs then you may have a valid point. I can tell you that intra carbs and aminos made my recovery so much...

    Unanswered Whats too high of a dose of lgd 4033?

    Saw one guy I knew get crazy results from 25mk and 10mg lgd. Worked his ass of in the gym, ate progressively and all home cooked meals and put on around 20lbs in 3 months. I’m sure it was a lot of water, but came out much bigger and ultimately leaner. The amounts your suggesting are very high in...

    Unanswered Is core training all you really need to get through life?

    One day you could possibly get to the level of the Tom Platz of abs...

    Unanswered Best appetite suppressant?

    Ephedrine is really good. For me one bronkaid tab will cut hunger for 4-5 hours. Add in caffeine and it’s even better. Higenamine HCL also worked well for me, 30-60mg. Some things that make hunger worse: carbonated beverages and gum.

    Unanswered Crossover effects of unilateral training?

    I have been told from numerous doctors and pts that especially during injury if you train one side the other will be stimulated to some degree, and more than what most would expect. The body does amazing things