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  1. supersoldier

    Back in the gym after years away

    For those of you that don't know me, I was a regular poster here for many years, years ago. I bodybuilded to some degree for most of my 20's. I got into it in the heyday of legal PH's...biggest (then legal) cycle I ran was 2g/week 4AD-cyp with 1g/week of 1T-cyp and alternating orals. Biggest...
  2. supersoldier

    ss's Comeback Cycle (cutter)-Test-E Winny NPP MK-677

    Hi guys. Some of you know me, some don't. Hello to old friends, hope to make some new ones too. :wave: Background: I was a fat kid. Got into supps/dieting/training around 14 or 15, by junior year I was skinny as ****, by senior year I was prob the best built dude in my class aside from some...
  3. supersoldier

    Any of my old buddies still around?

    :wave: :dunno:
  4. supersoldier

    Boladrol Labwork and Mini-Log

    Been on for 23 days @ 6mg/day. AST, ALT, LDH are COMPLETELY NORMAL. I started the cycle out with my AST and ALT in the high 30's. I've ran 2 sets of labs over the past 3 weeks and they were both in the low 20's. I'll run some more today. As far as evaluating Boladrol... My diet, sleep, and...
  5. supersoldier

    Boladrol Labwork Coming Soon (Thanks mmowry)

    mmowry has been kind enough to supply me with some Boldarol, which I will run for 40+ days @ 6mg/day. I'm currently running generic SD @ 20mg/day, which will be discontinued immediatley. I will start the Boladrol as a standalone as soon as my liver enzymes and HDL are back to normal, which I...
  6. supersoldier

    Checking In

    Just wanna say what's up to a lot of my old but good friends. :cheers: I'm still alive and kickin! Life's a little complicated right now, but everything happens for a reason and works itself out in the end. I'll gladly elaborate more when I have some free and life are extremely busy...
  7. supersoldier

    Gonna attempt to COMPLETELTY kick caffeine.

    I've been using (and abusing to various degrees) stims for over 10 years now. Started with various ECA or NYCA stacks in highschool which continued into my early 20s. I've given up ephedrine completely for at least 5 years now, as it made me completely nuts. Slim X was too yummy for words, but...
  8. supersoldier

    Closest thing to Slim X on the market??

    What's up old friends! To say I'm out of the loop is a huge understatement. Help a brotha out. Looking for something that feels like Slim X. Thanks. SS
  9. supersoldier


    What up friends!! :wavey: NSFW So I was trying to show my friend one of my favorite workout songs via a drunken iPhone youtube search last night. This came up... Enjoy! YouTube - Happy Tree Friends - Jump Da **** Up Or Spit It Out
  10. supersoldier

    What's up guys?

    So I'm out of the loop nowadays... Still working out regularly. Haven't been on any gear for a while. Been doing a lot of cardio too (used to do NONE). My goals have changed from being huge and stronger than a mofo to being still pretty big and strong but healthier and more athletic. Few things...
  11. supersoldier

    Any Best Buy Reward Zone Members?

    Someone please PM me the presale passord to the Coldplay concert at the Wachovia Center in Philly? :box:
  12. supersoldier

    I've been MIA

    :wave: I'm back
  13. supersoldier

    Recovering a Deleted File on a PC

    Does anybody know if this is possible? I deleted a file on Jan. 3 that I could use now... I tried a system restore to that date and it worked but the file is not there. Anything else I could try or am I assed out?
  14. supersoldier

    What do you wear to the gym and why?

    Do you like to see your muscles pumped while you're working out? If so (or if not), do you think that makes you conceited or full of yourself? Do you think that wearing gym clothes (ie. sleeveless or wife beater, etc) draws attention to you? Do you like attention, or try to stay inconspicuous at...
  15. supersoldier

    Phillies OWN

    That is all. :bow28: Discuss....
  16. supersoldier

    Happy Birthday Chad!

    Today is Chad's 25th birthday. Happy birthday bro! :cheers: This thread should be interesting to say the least. Gotta run, be back later to check in on what went down. Later *****es! :run: :nutkick:
  17. supersoldier

    SS's Workout Log

    Training and dieting is no longer my life. Far from it for the past 6 weeks or so since meeting my new girlfriend. I still train consistently, where consistent is now anywhere from 3-5 days/week whereas it was 5 days/week just about every week before. Quick recap of my training history: I'm...
  18. supersoldier

    Is Talking About Having Sex with Goats Funny and/or Cool?

    I'm wondering what the general consensus is.... Don't anybody be shy or bashful here.
  19. supersoldier


    Reset AD Best Supplement EVER:aargh: :thumbsup: Went over a week without any after finishing my test bottle. I will NEVER go without it again, mark my words. This is bar none the best thing I've ever taken for...
  20. supersoldier

    Lanbizzle clear your PM box.

    That is all. :study: