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  1. "Naturally More" Peanut Butter

    Has anyone tried this? It's Peanut butter with egg whites and flax seeds/oil. I picked some up the other day, mainly to give my kids some omega-3s, but I'm starting to like it too. It sounds similar to power butter, but doesn't have as much protein. It's also much cheaper than powerbutter (I...
  2. Finger length 'key to aggression'

    From BBC News: this link has a sidebar on computing the ratio your own finger lengths:
  3. Broken rib?

    I was sparring last night and took a couple of good body shots. Afterwards, I noticed my right lower ribs hurting some, not badly, more just discomfort. It was uncomfortable to sleep on that side last night, but it didn't keep me up. Today I'm noticing a little more discomfort with movement...
  4. Anyone listen to ATC on NPR tonight?

    ATC had a piece on steroids in athletics tonight. It was more about the inability to detect newer things like THG. What really caught my attention though was when they started talking about IGF. They mentioned Dr. Sweeney (see fiddler's post in IGF/GH/Slin forum) and the 20% gain in muscle...
  5. Danzig knocked down?

    This is a few days old, don't know if any of you guys have seen it yet though. The story/video is on several sites, but the sites are slammed! I'll just paste what I picked up from a local forum: here's a link to the video:
  6. D-Limonene and cancer

    I picked up a Men's Health for the first (and last) time the other day, and happened to read about studies using d-limonene to ward off skin cancer. I'd never heard of this, is this old news? A google search yields several interesting links...