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  1. Joshlm69

    BLR Vector/Follidrone 2.0 Log

    Its finally arrived! Going to be stacking BLR Vector/Follidrone 2.0 daily along with: Gaspari Glycofuse Reflex Aminos Animal Pak Vitamins Will be gyming 5x a week Supplement split will be: 3 x Vector, 1 x Follidrone Upon Waking 3 x Vector, 2 x Follidrone Pre Workout along with Animal...
  2. Joshlm69

    Looking for an Intra CARB+BCAA/EAA Drink

    Have been using Olympus Labs ENDUR3+ but my supplier has run out of stock can you guys recommend me a similar product?
  3. Joshlm69

    MAN Sports PR-XT & BLR Follidrone 2.0 Log

    Hey guys, Havent gymed properly really in 6months, have been on and off due to work & being lazy. Havent stepped foot in the gym in a month, so looking to go ham now I have some motivation and kick things in the right Direction for 2018. Gym will be a 4 day split, Back&Bi's, Chest&Tri's...
  4. Joshlm69

    Stacking Boldanic

    Has anyone tried stacking these products? Tribulyze with Exobul 200 & Ecdynize? Would probably add follidrone 2.0 with it for the Epi Is this overkill? Thanks
  5. Joshlm69

    Stack Missing anything?

    Hi All, Just wondering if my stack is missing anything or looks good to go? Not really bulking/cutting just slowly gaining weight/strength. BLR Follidrone 2.0 Olympus Labs Or1gin Olympus Labs Tr1umph Olympus Labs Endur3+ Animal Pak Vitamins (powder form) ON Fish Oil Everything is pretty much...
  6. Joshlm69

    N2 Shampoo & Nizoral

    I have MPB in my family, and have thinned slightly, so have been using Nizoral 2% once every 3-4 days the last 2 years to prevent further thinning. I have just purchased n2 shampoo which is daily use. Do you think its still worth using the Nizoral 1-2 times a week as I have previously been...
  7. Joshlm69

    GET DIESEL Pro Cycle v 3.0 + Sunami Log - Hulk Smash Time

    Hi Guys! Been a while since I've done a log here! Super stoked, Chuck always puts out potent products! Going to start on the cautious side, at taking 2 DTP v3.0 + 2 Sunami upon waking, and another 1 DTP v3.0 at around 2.30pm. Gym routine is currently a 4 day split (legs, back & bi, chest &...
  8. Joshlm69

    Appitite Enhancers

    Any legit ones around? My biggest problem is never being hungry enough to eat 3-4000 calories a day, would be great if there is a supplement which enduces hunger Thanks!
  9. Joshlm69


    Hey guys Is there any GHRP-6 options which dont involve pinning, transdermal etc? Additional hunger, increased body comp + lower body fat seems legit!
  10. Joshlm69

    Hulk Smash Time! Sustain Alpha/Follidrone 2.0/Ep1c Unleashed TD!!!!

    Hi Guys Time to get back into the gym after a couple of months lay off. Lets do this! Morning: 3 Pumps Sustain Alpha to Inner Thighs/Groin Area 2 Pumps Ep1c Unleashed to Shoulders/Chest/Biceps 1 Cap Follidrone 2.0 PWO: 4 Caps SNS Agmatine 2 Caps Follidrone 2.0 I was going to add Dermacrine...
  11. Joshlm69

    Dermacrine/Ep1c/Test1fy TD Cycle Log!!! - (add Formeron?) - Also Critique

    Hi Guys, Get back from holiday on Monday and looking to tear up the gym from Tuesday onwards! Plan on Running: Dermacrine : Weeks 1-4, 3 Pumps a day Ep1c Unleashed : Weeks 1-8, 2 Pumps every Morning Olympus Labs Test1fy : Weeks 1-8, 1 scoop every Morning PCT: Apex Male Test Booster or CEL...
  12. Joshlm69

    Dermacrine - Cycle Questions

    Hi Guys Been really unmotivated with the gym recently and want to get back into it. Have some dermacrine lying around - Have a few questions about it. Is this safe to cycle without a PCT? How much of a worry is supression after finishing a 4 week cycle? (will my sex drive be affected...
  13. Joshlm69

    Best NooTropic?

    Hi guys Definitely need some nootropics in my life. Previously I have used Alpha Brain by Onnit which were fantastic but so pricey. What is the best Nootropic out there currently? Reps for all help, thank you!
  14. Joshlm69

    Time to get my Lazy Ass in Shape! TEST1FY PRO/EP1C UNLEASHED TD *UNSPONSORED*

    Hey guys, So I'm going travelling around US/Canada start of April and have around 6 weeks to get my lazy ass in shape. I went to Bahamas at the start of January and haven't really gone back to the gym since. Lacking motivation and working long hours - not a good combination. From 29th February...
  15. Joshlm69

    Reps/Sets of Deadlifts Guide

    Hey Guys, Just wondering whats a good set/rep range for deadlifts? Currently, I do 2 sets of 6 of heavy deadlifts at the start of back day. Should I be doing more reps&sets or is this adaquete? Currently weigh 160, and pull 310 for 2 sets of 6, usually increasing weight by 5lbs each week
  16. Joshlm69

    Need a good 4 week cutter, not too stim heavy

    I'm going to Bahamas in January (4th) and want to do a month long cut to get in beach body shape (ish). Any suggestions in here? Ive picked up a bottle of LiveLong Yohimbine. I don't want it to be too stim heavy as I have problems sleeping with stimulants. Anything that would stack well with...
  17. Joshlm69

    Anabolic Designs Tauro Test v2

    Has anyone Tried this? Profile looks intriguing. My friend swears by this company and their products
  18. Joshlm69

    GainsVille - Ep1c Unleashed/LJ-100/Most Wanted/Sustain Alpha!

    Okay, so finally decided on exact dosing with this stack - 1 cap LJ-100 Upon Waking (5 days on 2 days off) 2 Pumps Sustain Alpha After morning Shower - Might go to three, not sure how powerful SA is at hurting e2 2 caps Most Wanted with a high protein lunch (everyday if I remember) 2 caps...
  19. Joshlm69

    What is the best dosing for EP1C unleashed?

    Sorry this has probably been asked a thousand times I just can't find the q&a thread on my phone. 2 pwo? What about days off gym, do you still dose? Thanks
  20. Joshlm69

    Check my Stack & Log - EPI Unleashed/Sustain Alpha/Most Wanted/LJ-100

    Hey all, Havent been smashing gym in a while and want to get back into it. What do you guys think of my proposed stack? Sustain Alpha - 1 1/2 pumps morning, 1 1/2 pumps evening - Weekends off EPI Unleashed - 2 PWO (do i take this on off days) LJ-100 - 1 cap in the morning - Weekends off Most...