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  1. rambo679

    White Flood Classic Log

    Big Giant sized thanks to Sean1332 for giving me this opportunity. Got my Watermelon Flavored White Flood Classic in the mail yesterday and got to try it out today. I was a huge fan of this way back when and have made all of the pre-workout rounds with various products like some club kid with...
  2. rambo679

    New season of Archer - Danger Zone

    Latest preview for the new season of Archer has been cracking me up all week. Danger Zone:
  3. rambo679

    Anyone have experience dealing with Vertigo?

    Hi all, let me preface this with the fact that I have gone to the ER for this a week ago and am going to the doctor today for it. So, I'm not one of those people with a serious medical condition who is waiting for forum comments before seeking treatment. But, since I respect all of your guys's...
  4. rambo679

    T-nation Article advises against Arching during Bench

    Just read this article and wanted to know your guy's opinions on the points he raises. Since you guys are the only one's whose opinion I care about. Click Here:T NATION | Fake Strength: Stop Arching the Bench Press He's not anti arch 100%, but anti what he consider's excessive.
  5. rambo679

    Training with Elbow Bursitis

    Hello everyone, I banged my elbow like a month ago and it bruised a little and was sore but not too bad. The last week it swelled up and appears to be text book Olecranon bursitis. Now aside from looking gross and Popeye-ish, it doesn't hurt to bend or extend it. I'm seeing a doc for my...
  6. rambo679

    does anyone have experience with Anatabloc?

    Hi everyone, Every since I injured my shoulders I've been on a one man research expedition of all supplements joint related. Cissus was my stand bye and has worked miracles in the past, but for the first time it hasn't really had any effect. I'm taking Athlete's Joint Restore and am on my...
  7. rambo679

    Rotator Cuff Questions

    Hi Everybody I have two questions. I seem to have strained my rotator cuffs, the left one more than the right and can no longer do any overhead presses. So my questions are: 1. How often should I do direct rotator cuff rehab work? I know what kind of stretches and exercises to do, but I...
  8. rambo679

    Sub Sterone Dosing Question

    I just had question about the dosing for sub sterone. I have previously used the test version with the spray pump you guys put out and got pretty decent efects., however on nutraplanet it says the dose is 2 droppers but on the bottle it says it's two droppers filled to 1/3. Which is correct...
  9. rambo679

    Slumber stack discontinued?

    I noticed the dream tea non longer pops up under the products at your guy's site and was wondering if it was discontinued.
  10. rambo679

    Cla storage question

    I put my latest cla in the fridge for storage and it appears to have partially frozen. Did I damage the cla by storing it like this?
  11. rambo679

    Any chance of a DominATP re-release?

    Just wondering because I loved this stuff, not even because it was dirt cheap and came with refresh. This was hands down my favorite non stim pre workout, tasty too. Any chance of it ever seeing the light of day again?
  12. rambo679

    Yok3d and minoxidil

    Just ordered my Yok3d and was wondering if I should be careful about taking it around the time I apply minoxidil due to the latter's vasodilation effects? Thanks in advance, love, rambo679
  13. rambo679

    2 questions: modern bcaa and p slin

    I just had a question for each of the supplements in the title 1. How long are modern bcaa's stable for in water? 2. Can p-slin bet taken twice a day? For the second I ask because i lift in the am and play soccer at night on Thursdays and was wondering if I could take it for both.
  14. rambo679

    HGHpro Mini Review by Rambo679

    Thank you to Anabolic Innovations for this opportunity, and for the extra free samples of Motivate and Perform. I just received my three day sample of the pro, as I like to call it, and I will take it for the first time tonight. A little history, I've had problems sleeping for the last...
  15. rambo679

    Carnaholic Question

    I just got my free Carnaholic in the mail(thank you by the way) and was just wondering if there is any danger of taking this with a pre-workout that already has beta-alanine in it? My current pre-workout is Rag Ultra and it has 2000mg of beta-alanine. Also, how long after food can this be...
  16. rambo679

    New Gym Bench Blues

    I just want to lament for a little bit and enquire if anyone else gets this slight ego blow. I just today switched from LA Fitness to 24 hour fitness and the benches there are just a little bit different so that they affected my workout by about ten pounds and even though I know I just need to...
  17. rambo679

    Ghenerate Cycling Question

    I am nearing the end of my bottle of Ghenerate and was wondering how long I should cycle off of it for.
  18. rambo679

    Tuna Soup - In Two Steps

    This is a recipe that deals with, in my mind, the only two flaws with tuna. The first is that it gets boring on its own and requires dressing up. The second is that a can of tuna isn't enough of a real meal to be fully satisfying, thus enters the solution that I actually owe to my old man...
  19. rambo679

    GPLC question

    I was wondering if the vaso-constrictive effects of 1 3 dimethylamylamine will cancel out the effects of GPLC if taken together?
  20. rambo679

    Sleep Stack Question

    I really enjoy the sleep stack and recommend it to anyone with trouble sleeping but I just have a few questions. The first is how long can the tea be used continuously before a break is needed, or is a break even needed? The second involves the sleep scent, the tea works so well that I only...