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  1. Under Armor?

    Anyone here into Under Armor or similar-like clothing for training/sports/athletics?
  2. Stimulant X....

    Sam, when will this be available. Really looking for something to kick up my workouts. Any ideas? A
  3. Oh wow. Unknown substance on Lions field...

    Detroit Lion football practice was delayed nearly two hours today after a player reported finding an unknown white powdery substance on the practice field.
  4. which is use for energy?

    Must be a long day already as I can't remember this simple little thing. Which food groups are metabolized for energy first, second and third? 1) Carbs 2) Protein 2) Fat ???
  5. Leg Day... confused about difficulity?

    Hey guys, Just reviewing the progam and whatnot. Looked at the leg training. Not to sound like a complete and utter dick but why do most have difficulity with this? Doesn't seem out of the ordinary with what I usually do which could either be good or bad. lol Just trying to make sure I...
  6. Owens and McNabb LOL

    This fucking idiot can get along with anyone is seems. Gracia and 99% of the 49'ers in San Fran. Couldn't get along with Baltimore... cried to play with the Eagles and now can't get along with them. What a fucking idiot. lol
  7. Houseman's log...

    Well, so it begins on Sunday my offical start up of Bobo's training program. I will be having my girl take before pics for my reference. We'll see if I decide to post them or not :) I got the program on Tuesday and have been skimming it over. Diet looks solid and empty lol. Lovely :D I'll be...
  8. Songs?

    Looking to make up a few new CD's for the cottage. Wonder what people think are good tunes for beach type tunes and general party atmosphere? When I'm down there, my cottage always seeems to be the place where the party flows so I like ot have some good mixes ;) Anything thatr comes to mind...
  9. K-R-ALA vs. GXR?

    Hey guys, I know GRX contains other compounds that help potentiate K-R-ALA in GRX and increase its effectiveness BUT for those who have tried both GXR and just K-R-ALA... would you say there is a substantial difference between the two?
  10. GI of rice cakes?

    Anyone have an idea of what the GI of rice cakes made with whole brown rice is? Seems the ones made with white rice at 87 but these don't have white rice in them. I like spreading my tuna on plain rice cakes but I also like to stick to low GI foods and this seems to be contrary to what I...
  11. Fat in lean ground beef

    Trying to do some rough calculations here. Wanted to switch up my food intake and take in some ground beef. When I cook ground beef unless I am BBQing it for burgers I always boil it in some water first to remove most of the fat content and then I drain, rinse and finish cooking it to crisp it...
  12. New diet... thoughts?

    Goal: Drop BF. If scale weight drops too? Yippe. If not, don't give a **** as long as the BF comes down. Current BF: 22%. This was a few motnhs ago and I am definitely leaner since then. Going with the 22% measurement though. Diet (Weight Training Days - M/W/F/S/S) #1: 6oz chicken breast...
  13. Product questions for my upcoming cut...

    Hey guys, Never tried your products before but I am definitely curious. I am about to embark on a 6 week cutter with SD. Dosing unplanned as of yet until I assess tolerance required. I'm about 275 (actually 282 right now but I had a refeed yesterday :D) and about 22% BF. I had planned to run...
  14. Alcohol is a much bigger problem than steroids
  15. alpha-2 receptors and women

    Hey guys, Tried searching but couldn't find anything on this. So, does anyone have studies that clearly indicate that women have more alpha-2 receptors on their body (lower?) than men? Tried looking through PubMed but couldn't truly find anything that answered my question. Thanks!

    Hey guys, Tried searching for this but couldn't find the answer. Looked through a bunch of studies posted in two threads as well. Does DHEA suppress HPTA?
  17. Filler for capping your own powders?

    Hey guys, Wondering what you guys use as filler for capping your own powders? Thanks!
  18. CEE?

    Stryder, Think you'll ever get CEE in stock? A
  19. and the games have begun... NORTH KOREA

    Here we go!
  20. baby got bible... HAHAHAHAHAH fucking hilarious!!!!!