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  1. Cuffs

    Cuffs' Botched Sugery

    As some of you know from my past thread, I had a date for surgery to repair my distal bicep tendon that had ruptured. I've been a way for a while and going through a lot of personal crap, which is the reason for no update. So, I thought I'd come back and let you all know what's up. I had...
  2. Cuffs

    Injury/Treatment Section?

    MODS, I asked this in my surgery thread. How about adding an injury/treatment section to this forum? I ruptured my distal bicep tendon and located great info on I'd like to share my injury/treatment with the others in a section where itcan be located easily. I'm sure others can...
  3. Cuffs


    I started a thread a while back about my bicep injury. After kicking my first ortho surgeon to the curb, I found one who I am more confident with. My MRI showed that I have a complete rupture of the distal bicep tendon. Surgery is set for this Wednesday to reattach it, then I will be in PT...
  4. Cuffs

    Bummed...Bicep Injury

    Holly sh*t! I've been away way too long. Great to still see some familiar bro's around. The site looks great! Hope all my long time bro's, and chicks, are doing well. Guess I need to catch you dudes up on some of my going-ons. I took a break for a bit to get my life back on track. I went...
  5. Cuffs

    Hiatus is OVER for Cuffs!

    Okay dudes, I've been away for a while, lurking every now-and-then. My hiatus is officially over! I took some time off, moved and even got a new job. Finally got interent service and I am back. Got things moving forward for a change. My workouts were not what they should have been. I...
  6. Cuffs

    I'm Still Alive...for those who give a sh***.

    Hey dudes, just thought I'd drop a quick line to let you all know I'm still alive and kicking. A lot has changed in my life in the last couple of months. I've moved, began a new job, and am trying to get my sh*t back together with a new/old focus on my career. I'm actually happy once again...
  7. Cuffs

    XEED Stocking

    Just checking when you think this will be in stock again.
  8. Cuffs

    Injuries and Age

    Damn, I never thought I'd see the day when I get injuries from simple things. Seems as if I get injured much more easliy as I get older and the injuries take so much longer to heal now. Excuse me if this seems like a rant...because it I injured my right rotator cuff during a...
  9. Cuffs

    Ex's WTF?

    Get this. Many of you may remember the crap I went through over a year ago with my impending divorce. Yeah, 'impending' divorce. Divorce papers were drawn up a year ago September and was to be final last April, then May. It turns out my ex, who I haven't even laid eyes on in over a year now...
  10. Cuffs

    A Couple Pics of Cuffs

    Okay, so it's been a while since I posted up any pics, or started any threads for that matter. I'm getting to the end of a 16 week bulk and thought I post up a couple of pics. I started out at about 215 lbs and I'm at 231 pounds after 12 weeks, with body fat a bit lower. I don't have a pic of...
  11. Cuffs


    So, I'm on a date last week and decide to go to a cool Japanese restaurant to enjoy some teppanyaki and sushi. We're sitting at the cooking table eating away as the chef does all his whoppachoppa tricks with some complete strangers. One of the chicks there was extremely hot. My chick and I...
  12. Cuffs

    Addicted to Muscle/Size???

    After thinking about it and how it is pertaining to me, I thought I'd start up a discussion on muscle/size addiction. I've been training for many years, but consistently for the past 4 years. As of last year, I keep hearing how "big" I am. People stare, make comments to my face and behind my...
  13. Cuffs

    Chicks...gotta love them when they try

    I thought I'd just share this with you all. I got a kick out of it. My chick and I got into an argument yesterday (I was so I took off and went to the gym to blow off some steam. Had a really good workout too. Amazing how your workouts can go when your pissed off and only had...
  14. Cuffs

    Loss of My Friend

    I just wanted to post this up because I have found writing about life events here, good and bad, have helped me a great deal. I know I haven't been around the board much as of late, but it was for good reason. A lot has been going on in my life and I have found myself very busy. Yesterday, my...
  15. Cuffs

    Vegas Trip

    Okay, so last week I go to Vegas for a few days. My chick and I are driving along and get stuck in a traffic jamb for 3 hours. So, as we are creeping along in stop-and-go traffic at 5 mhp for 27 miles, she decides to lay her head over the center console, unzip my shorts, take something out...
  16. Cuffs

    Happy Late Birthday ManBeast!

    Happy late birthday bro. Hope all is well, and you had a good one!:cheers:
  17. Cuffs

    Happy Birthday Nullifidian!

    Happy birthday dude! Have a good one!:cheers:
  18. Cuffs

    Happy Birthday UHCougar05!

    Happy birthday dude! Stretch it through the weekend and have a good one!:cheers:
  19. Cuffs

    Happy Birthday BingeAndPurge!

    Happy birthday dude! Have a good one!:cheers:
  20. Cuffs

    Happy Birthday ryanbodybuilder!

    Happy birthday dude. Now go eat something you skinny bastard!:burger: