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  1. On TRT is E to high

    Ive been on TRT @ 125 mg a week for years. i injection break up dose into m,w,f sub q Here is latest blood i didnt expect to see my E this high but i feel great. Don’t think it warrants Anastrozole try and stay away from those unless really needed. Should i look at something like inhibit-E or...
  2. Double post

    Double post
  3. USA BLR Androgin and Han Solo

    1 ea Androgin and Han Solo new sealed 1 Hansolo has 19 left All 3 85 shipped
  4. USA SOLD. OL Sup3er PCT

    20ea 3 for 50shipped
  5. USA FS Nos Labs Synergen 2.0

  6. USA FS BLR Han Swolo

    SOLD One is full sealed other had 19 left
  7. USA SOLD Gain Busters Swole Patrol ( 3-AD)

    One sealed bottle one bottle had 54 left SOLD
  8. USA Botanical Craft Palm Fruit(same as Toco-9) FS

  9. USA SOLD Evomuse Brite FS

    SOLD 1 bottle is open but contains full amount I didnt realize i had another bottle open when i opened the second.

    4 oatmeal raisin 1 choc chip 15ea
  11. TRT Guardian lowers hemarocrit ?

    Has alone heard of this company ? If so do you think it works and will lower hematocrit ? Ive been on trt longer then i can remember probably 6-8yrs and This is the first time my level were at 52.1 and i have 30 days before i can donate again I normally just do double red donations yr round...
  12. BAET as a staple or need to be cycled ?

    Can BAET be ran indefinitely for its immune properties and other health benefits or does it have to be cycled because of suppression to cortisol Thanks
  13. USA Cleaning out closet sale

    Nos Labs Synergen 2.0 - 20ea have 9 left Hex-D -75 Ultradrol 50 OL super PCT 30ea have 3 Lipomoroh v2 35 ea have 2 Evomuse Brite 35 ea have 2 Shipping is 5 unless you purchase 3+ items
  14. USA duplicate

    app made multiple posts sorry
  15. USA Duplicate

    app made multiple posts sorry
  16. Insider code

    Jebrook the insider coupon is not working. Can you help me out Thanks
  17. USA Evomuse items

    For sale no trades. Everything new sealed Sold
  18. USA FS cleaning out my closet sale

    NO TRADES Pes Anabeta Elite Pes Shift Evomuse Top Muscle Beta Sold iconogenin Sold PA E-spray (epicatechin) Sold Omega Tforce PM me for any other goodies ( most extras sold one item left )
  19. USA FS Evomuse and Olympus labs items

    ALL UNOPENED if no longer in description its been sold 1 ketoinduce 1 strafe orange pineapple
  20. VB-12 strips

    Any chance of these making a comeback? During work was feeling tired and out of nowhere it popped in my head wish I had a B12 strip. Thanks