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  1. HUNG* Writeup

    Cant wait to give it a try!!!
  2. EvoMuse presents...HUNG

    I’m northeast America
  3. EvoMuse presents...HUNG

    Mine says it’s still in Ohio for like two weeks
  4. EvoMuse presents...HUNG

    Has anyone gotten there shipment yet?
  5. Ultimate Sexual Weekend Stack?!?!?

    Ejaculoid dosage of ingredients is like super low
  6. Ultimate Sexual Weekend Stack?!?!?

    What dose are you guys taking?
  7. EvoMuse presents...HUNG

    Curious if anyone on here has tried Shockwave Therapy on their penis? Between light jelqing, hanging, pumping, and HUNG, I’m curious if Shockwave(LI-ESWT) will maximize angiogenesis for greater growth Any thoughts @dsade
  8. Ultimate Sexual Weekend Stack?!?!?

    Some Stims give me crazy spike in libido but it’s not worth the crash afterwards. Wish I felt like that all the time! Like crazy horny 24/7 If you guys have any supp recommendations. I’m all ears!!!
  9. EvoMuse presents...HUNG

    Still waiting on mine as well
  10. SNS Anabolic XT - Hardcore Natural Anabolic Muscle Builder

    When’s the next 30% off sale?!
  11. SNS Anabolic XT - Hardcore Natural Anabolic Muscle Builder

    What’s the upper limit of SR10X you can take? Just cuz I notice that one of the main differences between AnabolicXT and Recomp is that SR10X is basically just doubled in Recomp Would combining these two really be that efficient?
  12. Best Natural Recomp Stack?

    @sns8778 any updates on AnabolicXT?
  13. Ultimate Sexual Weekend Stack?!?!?

    For all the guys on here looking to increase there size, Evomuse just came out with a topical lotion called Hung to use with your bath mate and traction device
  14. EvoMuse presents...HUNG

    You up for posting in this thread?
  15. EvoMuse presents...HUNG

    Can we expect a write-up soon?
  16. EvoMuse presents...HUNG

    @dsade other than increased size. Have you noticed any other effects like increased erection quality or anything like that
  17. EvoMuse presents...HUNG

    @dsade just saw you put up the Hung product to purchase, out of curiosity if you buy more than one how would you store it for maximal “freshness” like put it in the fridge or it cupboard. What are your recommendations?
  18. EvoMuse presents...HUNG

    I think I’ll prob do something like citrulline and pycnogenol along with horny goat weed to help with blood flow and constant pump for maximal growth/repair
  19. Clear Edge

    Everyone’s chemistry is different. You’re gonna have to play around and see what works best for you but I would say is be careful and start low with both because that’s a lot of dopamine you’re playing with
  20. EvoMuse presents...HUNG

    @dsade I know I’m gonna get hit hard with puns for this, but any oral supplements you would recommend for taking in addition to topical hung for maximal effect along with stretching/pumping/jelqing