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  1. Sparkss

    Vicious Labs 4th of July Sale!

    Celebrate Supplement Independence! Save 15% from Now through Sunday, July 8, when ordering our powerful potions by using code: FIREWORKS The 4th of July stands as a commemorative symbol of our Personal Liberties. Vicious Labs would like to celebrate this American expression of individuality...
  2. Sparkss

    Test/Dien E w/ a DMZ kicker

    Starting stats: 193 lbs BF: around 19% (Omron handheld, so take that into account) 5'10" 50 years old Waist: 34" Midsection: 36" ~ 36.5" BP (Upon waking): 118/65 Goal: Lean bulk / recomp Daily supps: Doctor prescribed TRT @ 150 mg/wk Fish oil, NAC, cholesterol support, multi-vitamin, joint...
  3. Sparkss

    Nerve Restore

    dsade I was diagnosed yesterday with a herniated cervical disc in my neck (HNP 6/7). The main affect is nerve pain down my left arm, from the shoulder to my fingers. I am being treated by my ortho with high dose prednisone and PT. My question is would your nerve restore (I have a bottle of it...
  4. Sparkss

    Slintensity stock ETA?

    Just wanted to check to see if Slintensity was going to be back in stock in the near future? Thanks!
  5. Sparkss

    Shipping options

    I know that Matt posted some of his shipping challenges on FB and the toll it was taking on his business. I was one of the victims of the USPS mishandling and incompetence. Someone had posted a comparison on pricing between USPS and UPS and it came out to $3. USPS flat rate box (11" x 8-1/2" x...
  6. Sparkss

    Radiate Q&A

    I had been hijacking some of the logs with my questions and comments, but that is far from optimal (and is rude). I also did not see a Q&A thread, just the "contest" one. I had some questions that I did not find the answers to in the threads I perused so far. There are so many spread out...
  7. Sparkss

    Nutriverse stumbles

    I normally have really good luck with NV, however my last order from them was less than great. If the USPS delivery estimate is correct the order will get here 1 full week after I ordered it, from NJ down to Fl (which is normally 2 ~ 3 days). This appears to be due to missteps in the warehouse...
  8. Sparkss

    Sup3r-2 impact bloodwork?

    NoAddedHmones xtyler Woody GNO Jebrook I am on doctor administered TRT and he wants me to get a new set of labs to access the current dosage (he does it every 6 months or so, but I thought I had another 4 weeks before he would ask for new labs). I am over half way through an 8-week run...
  9. Sparkss

    Absolutely Abliderate

    dsade I had some questions about Ab Ab that I could not find the answers to in this forum or other locations. I apologize if they were already asked/answered and I just missed them. I have a bottle of Ab Ab that I wanted to try out as I have VAT that I need to dispose of. My description matches...
  10. Sparkss

    Sparkss journey to recovery

    In July of 2013 I fell down a flight of stairs. I was 46 and roughly 175 lbs (5'10"). In the process I tore my bicep and rotator cuff (did not know this until much later). It bothered me for a while, but I was able to function, but it did keep me out of the gym. I went to my GP who sent me to an...