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  1. bigpetefox

    BPF doubles the dose!! Pro-Anabol log

    Thanks to the crew @ ALRI, I got a new goodie to add to the end of my Restore, now start of my BAM.. Got it all on tape, here's my "before" at 196lbs.. YouTube - Broadcast Yourself.
  2. bigpetefox

    Check this out!

    N.O.Limits testers wanted! I need 3 testers for this new affordable, yet solid well-made nitric oxide potentiator.. :clean:
  3. bigpetefox

    It's Showtime! Well, in May it will be...

    Thanks alot from our good friend USP for the nod, I'm preparing for a show in May.. As I prep, I will be using afew USP products (of course with DS) while I lean out.. Right now I'm starting on Anabolic Pump and Super Cissus Rx.. I start to actually diet down 10wks out, so these two should help...
  4. bigpetefox

    Here's a laugh for you..

    I was flyin' on Adipokinetix, and I hated the routine I had so I did this on the fly.. Being on Adipo and trying to put poses together is not easy.. :D YouTube - Broadcast Yourself.
  5. bigpetefox

    CialaGold Log, Stardate 10/06

    I've been using Cialabol for about 2wks now.. Love the pumps, and the fact that CEE fills me out and I drop water is a bigger plus.. I took .25tsp before my Post-workout meal, won't do that again! :eek: Here's the tale of the tape: 5'-9" Weight- 203lbs (10/9 was last weigh-in) bodyfat- 10%...
  6. bigpetefox

    My new addiction, some may say..

    To stay legal and not worry about SWAT kickin' my door in, I've been playing with airsoft products.. Yes, new-age BB guns that shoot plastic or paint BB's, built to scale of real weapons.. Funny thing 'cause I had an M16A1 paintball rifle in active duty in Ft. Hood, and I've seen a newer version...
  7. bigpetefox

    cAMP Intense, a retrospective

    I thought the original was gone, but it's not.. YAY!! On to the new cAMP Intense, more focus and energy.. Well, the focus part was there.. I took 3 caps this morning, maybe 15mins later I got really warm, and mentally clarified.. :thumbsup: Not as stimulating s I hoped, but the effect is...
  8. bigpetefox

    My new favorite fatburner!

    I'm in love with C2! I've been on it for almost 2 weeks, the energy is pretty good, even though I feel like most stimulants don't do much for me.. I'm gonna order some cAmphibolic to stack with it, already got Dicana.. ;)
  9. bigpetefox

    How the animal trains...

    Part of a series of sorts.. This thread details my sporatic training style, and trust me you will not find any rhyme or reason to how I train.. I never follow a set routine, nor do I have days I train specific parts.. Everything is completely random.. My eating for now is right here! I plan to...
  10. bigpetefox

    What the animal eats...

    In the never-ending quest to keep myself in an anabolic state, I eat way too much food daily.. Here's my log of eating habits on a day-to-day basis, I'll just post what I'm eating and not in what order, and no breakdown of macros 'cause I ain' tgot time for that ****! :cool: 2/20 4 plastic...
  11. bigpetefox

    I train to RETAIN.. sort of..

    Eww, it's methylated!! Had to get that out first.. Here's my experience with Retain, the AX version.. Dose: Took 3 ED, one cap spread out over the day.. Took them after a meal, so I'm not sure if that messed with absorbsion.. Results: Not sure if any, really.. Went thru 1.5 bottles and nada...
  12. bigpetefox

    Your retail endeavours

    Hey brothers, I was wondering if you plan to get PrimaForce in stores next? The thought of getting both Fenotest and Fuse in one place makes me fondle my... Wallet.. :ntome:
  13. bigpetefox

    "Revenge" shall be mine!!

    202lbs, 10%bf.. 4 days training, one large group one small group.. 2 leg training days.. Lots of sweet potato, lots of beef, even some weightgainer.. :aargh: Took my first dose on Monday (1/2/06), I should be feelin' pretty good in the next few days.. Looks like I may go with a 20/20/30 over my...
  14. bigpetefox

    Gettin' my SizeOn!

    Yep, I think the name got me.. Basically, I was talkin to a rep from Gaspari Nutrition back in October about this new creatine they were making.. It's basically Cr bonded to a glucose polymer, now you got Creatine Gluconate.. How much of it is actually in here, no idea.. I started on Monday...
  15. bigpetefox

    Best fast-food for packin' on the pounds!!

    Got a new spot around the corner from my job, they are amazing!! Just think, I've eaten 1330cals 3 times today, and that was only with a fat-free shake and a burger.. :D What's on the menu!
  16. bigpetefox

    If you use the smaller ones..

    I got a box of pins free from a doc yesterday.. They are 500 unit pins (1/2cc) and I'm lost on how to measure on them since I'm just used to 1cc pins.. I've noticed a couple of you use the smaller slin darts, how do you measure, let's say 20mcg of IGF-1 in a smaller tube? :think: :study: It's...
  17. bigpetefox

    Funny thing happened while doing inventory..

    I was thinking of ordering some this weekend, then I opened a shipment tote and found this on the top of the pile! :D :head: Welcome to The Vitamin Shoppe!! I take it my pestering the corporate goons may have helped.. :p
  18. bigpetefox

    "Back" in action..

    Took these afew days ago, I'll take afew more later.. This thread may not be up for long..
  19. bigpetefox

    Here's an interesting read..

    Stanolone, another DHT derivative... Similar in structure to Winstrol (Stanazolol) yet missing the Pyrazol 2,3 bond.. I think it would be a good muscle-sparring product while cutting, but it falls into the "exotic-not-financially-necessary" group like primo and masteron.. Read and discuss...
  20. bigpetefox

    OK, this should be fun!

    I got a bottle of FenoTest to give a go with.. I plan to start on 9/5 4 caps ED until the bottle runs out.. Of course, if it's as good as I'm hearing with the "hardening" effects, I'll buy another 2 bottles and stay on it.. ;) A run-down on me: Age: 30 Height: 5'-9" Weight: 195lbs Bodyfat...