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    **** Need Loggers For TRIAD/Greens Powder ****

    We're happy to announce our newest product: Orange TRIad + Greens powder. It brings the greatness of everything you love about Orange Orange TRIad[/b]+ the wholesome green goodness of Oximega Greens into one delicious and convenient powdered product. We know what you're thinking and yes, the...
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    NEW: Orange TRIAD + Greens POWDER

    Should be available by the end of October :) Enter our PROMO and win some for free:
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    [CL] Romeo & Juliet NEW Orange TRIad + Greens POWDER Promo

    Like peas in a pod, Romeo and Juliet, Bonnie and Clyde... Orange TRIad and OxiMega GREENS POWDER go together. That is why we are NOW offering Orange TRIad + Greens powder! That's right it is all now in powder form mixed together in all it's goodness. Not only do you get the benefits of a...
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    WHITE FLOOD REBORN: Looking for Testers!
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    !!! WHITE FLOOD REBORN - Looking for Testers!!!!!!!! You thought it was good before? Well now it's even better! We're looking for 20+ people to test out White Flood Reborn. Tell us why you want to be Reborn!! PARTICIPANT’S APPLICATION: Age/Weight/Height: Training experience: Taking any other supplements...
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    Want to log RED ACID REBORN???

    Click here for full label Go to this thread and apply!!! RED ACID REBORN: Looking for Testers
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    RED ACID REBORN: Looking for Testers!

    Click here to view the full label Controlled Labs is looking for testers for our new fatloss product, RED ACID REBORN. Anyone who remembers the original RED ACID will know, this product WORKS! Appetite suppression, extreme energy and fat loss... and we've made the formula even better...
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    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

    The Controlled Labs team and myself just wanted to wish everyone on here a fun, safe and Happy Holidays!!!
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    Controlled Labs FREE Samples: PROnom 23, WF, PW & Green MAG!

    This is the newest thread, please disregard the other one USA and CANADA ONLY We now have a limited number of samples of 5 products (PROnom 23 Chocolate Cupcake Batter, REDuction AM SHOT, Green MAGnitude Apple, Purple Wraath Lemonade and White Flood Fruit Punch!) if you would like samples...
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    Blue UP - Only 14.89 on NP!

    Limited time only, take advantage while you can! Controlled Labs Blue Up (60 caps): Discount Blue Up Supplements
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    New CL Product: PROgram 23 needs loggers!

    CONTROLLED LABS new product: PROgram 23 - Delicious No Clump Protein NEEDS TESTERS/LOGGERS! Name: Age: Previous Logs: Current Protein Used: Chocolate or Vanilla:
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    *** CONTROLLED LABS PROMO - REVIEW and WIN v2 !!!! ***

    REVIEW and WIN v2 We ran an awesome promo, picking one winner per month for their reviews of Controlled LABS products on Nutraplanet. I am continuing the promo, but now we will be choosing from the AM REVIEWS! This is a way to thank all of you, for utilizing a great feature that makes our...
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    *** GOLD FEAST new flavors needs logs and reviews ***

    Please tell us your age, location, and a brief description of why we should pick you. Please specify which flavor (FRUIT PUNCH or WATERMELON) you would prefer!
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    Controlled Labs Promo: Gold FEAST and Rage Faces!

    Hey CL fans! In celebration of the release of our two new Gold Feast flavors, Watermelon and Fruit Punch (Vitamin Shoppe Exclusive), we have decided to do a promo where you can be one of the very first to get your hands on the new [email protected]! Rules/Info: You all know of those lovable and funny...
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    PURPLE WRAATH & BLUE GENE REVIEW THREAD Log 1 Jumpshot903 Log 2 Mkretz Log3 Randoja...
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    Controlled Labs is looking for 15 people to log and review REDuction SHOTS or TABS, PLUS our RAZberry ketones product RAZDIPONECTIN. Sign up for this great 24/7 fat burner, day dose and nighttime.
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    new flavors of GOLD FEAST

    .... coming soon :D
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    $$$$ Purple WRAATH & Blue GENE: Loggers Wanted!

    Here's a chance to run a great combination, whether your goal is to lean up or bulk up, both products are amazing in furthering your efforts in the gym. This will be a 30 day log. Please post if your interested: 1.) Training experience 2.) History & opinions of controlled labs products 3.)...
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    RR's Controlled Labs 30 days of Pain! (feedback...)

    Hey yall, it's that time again... Planning a 30 day intensive bodyweight cycle. Each product I will use will have exactly 30 days worth. I This will be testing out the new equipment I picked up: "the Rack" (as seen on TV), and a new mountain bike. The Stack The Workout As you can...
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    Tribulus or DAA

    before you start laughing, this is more trying to start a discussion. i thought of it after reading some posts on the tribulus thread First the products: DAA has been shown to increase test levels. Tribulus has been shown to increase sex drive, aggression... but the science for it...