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  1. flightposite

    WTS some of my stash

    Mod Edit: this is not Craig's list. Post a couple items if you like. Reference rules stickie.
  2. flightposite

    Forskolin article

    Forskolin | What are the benefits?
  3. flightposite

    FS: amino linx x2, halotropin, supersize

    I have for sale or trade• -Pro Supps- Halotropin Amino linx I-Load Tcf-isolate protein Dr. Jekyll Mr. Hyde -Top secret- Hyperblend -SNI- Extreme shock Interested in trading for• Ep1c and Olympus labs products, Myosynergy and evomuse products, Genomyx products, FRL products,
  4. flightposite


    AX Has some BIG things in the works my brothers and sisters. Be on the lookout because we will be offering beta testing opportunities in the next few weeks and we will also be having an inside the mind of Dr. D article for those of you interested in the science and formulation of the product.
  5. flightposite

    It's almost here!

    GYM JUICE!!!!! We should be offering beta testing opportunities in roughly 2 weeks. We will also be having an inside the mind of Dr. D article in relation to the formulation of this product within the next week.
  6. flightposite

    New SuperSize flavor

    Hey guys I've heard we are releasing a new supersize flavor here very soon. If your not aware there is a thread in the promo section for beta testers. i have not had the pleasure of tasting it yet but from...
  7. flightposite


    AX ADVANCED PCT World's Fastest Acting Testosterone Accelerator. No Cycle is Complete Without Advanced PCT. Following any pro-hormone cycle, your normal hormonal balance has been completely disrupted. In many cases your body may be producing LESS testosterone, which may lead to a devastating...
  8. flightposite

    Wanting RPM appnut

    Hey y'all just looking to trade for a bottle or two of RPM. It's one of my favorite appnutt products. And I'm willing to trade some of my stash for it. I could trade any of the following. Hyde Jekyll Karbolyn No3drive Any body wanting to trade their RPM let me know.
  9. flightposite

    Max out

    Any news on the new I force Pre Max out.
  10. flightposite

    AX training
  11. flightposite

    Shout out to matt and evomuse

    Just wanted to Let Matt know that his exceptional customer service hasn't gone unnoticed. I'm looking forward to giving my new goodies a test run.
  12. flightposite

    Bulk 1-ad powder

    Any chance of you guys bringing out a bulk 1ad powder for the transdermal carriers like salvo and such?
  13. flightposite

    Phosphatidic acid

    PA. Any future plans to release a product containing this ingredient (Phosphatidic acid)? From what I've read it seems promising. But I'm no expert. Do you see any potential in this.
  14. flightposite


    Bout to kick off the holidays with my new AX stack. How many other AXholes gonna kick off the season with some AX in their stockings?
  15. flightposite

    2 loggers for AX Stacked BCAAs!

    AX is looking for 2 lucky loggers for Stacked BCAAs US Residents Only. Must be 18 or older. You are not eligible if you are currently running another sponsored log. Please submit your app by answering these questions: Do you have any previous logs (if so, please link them)? Do you have more...
  16. flightposite


    Hey guys just saw this at nutra. Looks good and I'm in the market to try a new preworkout. Can you guys tell me anything about it. Can't find many reviews yet.
  17. flightposite

    Massive Attack with AMS MassDrops

    Ok this will be the start of my Massdrops log/review.
  18. flightposite

    10 Supersize samples in promo section
  19. flightposite

    Supersize your pumps 10 samples

    10 Supersize Samplers Needed. AX Needs 10 people to try our new improved flavoring of SuperSize. Included: 1 serving Supersize Why? The flavor has been tweaked and has been greatly improved. We want people to know that the taste is MUCH better than previous runs. *************** For those...
  20. flightposite

    Special thanks to Royd and AMS.

    I just wanted to say thank you very much to Royd and the rest of AMS. And also announce that I will be starting a log on Mass Drops soon for anyone interested in following.