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    USA NoAddedHmones Supp Cabinet clean-out

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    NoAddedHmones Staying Lean By Going Back To BASICs Evomuse Style

    First off, a big shout out to dsade for sending me a few tubs of Basic to test, I actually got these tubs months ago, but unfortunately I was struck with a serious bacterial infection which nearly ended me. 8 weeks later I was back to lifting and regaining the ~20lbs I lost. A lot the regained...
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    AM members So with our favourite stims DMAA and AMP Citrate (DMBA) being phased out, I need to find a new awesome stim to get me the Feelz. So I have created this thread for other members to give input on what they have found to be effective, whether its a single ingredient or a combo. Feel...
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    BPS reps Spill the beans now!
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    NoAddedHmones EvoMuse Strafe test review

    Strafe Review Thanks Dsade for giving me the opportunity to test this product. I was provided a blank bag filled with 168g of white powder. So going by the details that were released on this product at the time I decided to utilise this product pre bed ED throughout a 2 week overreaching...
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    **Once again NoAddedHmones** tests Olympus Labs TD EP1C

    I will start this thing off by giving Olympus Labs a shout out for the generosity they have shown by allowing me to give this product a run for its money. I'll begin with a bit of background, I have previously used 1 bottle of EP1C about 4 months ago and know how it effects me (mainly...
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    Compound 20 - new formula

    Ey guys Proprietary Blend: Symplocos Racemosa (Bark) Extract, Tinospora Cordifiolia (Stem) Extract 1510 mg Pretty skeptical hippo with most of USP Labs products, this one have any beta 2 receptor agonism potential?
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    Alphamine Beta 2 recptor agonism potential

    Hey Just to be clear im not trying to russle any jimmies here - but I have pretty much only seen positive reviews on Alphamine, and after reviewing the formula it appears N-Coumaroyldopamine is the main beta 2 agonist in the formula. Cooper back in early 2012 made the following comment...