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    Project AD Ravenous
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    USA For Sale

    Opened 3/4 Analyzed Supplements Forskolin 25mg x 60 caps USPLabs Ultimate-T (2) 120 caps I-Force Nutrition Thermoxyn 60 caps PEScience Enhanced 40 scoops Controlled Labs White Flood 30 scoops Controlled Labs Gamer Up 30 scoops Sparta Nutrition Keto Coffee 30 scoops Sparta Nutrition Keto...
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    USA Selling Animal Whey

    Selling: - Animal Whey Glazed Donut (missing 1 scoop) Want: - Offers - Paypal
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    Erase Pro+

    Product information
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    AnaBeta Elite (Newest Version)

    Product information
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    USA WTS: MT Clear Muscle and others

    Looking to sell bottles of Clear Muscle. Also have various BCAA, burners, creatine, and betaine
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    How Good is PEScience Gourmet Vanilla?

    Here are some reviews on PEScience Select Gourmet Vanilla, the newest flavor addition to the best protein powder on the market today:
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    Strafe, mTOR, Bayne's muscle growth and recovery

    First, huge shoutout and thanks to dsade for allowing me to give Strafe a run and see what it can do while doing a triple dose daily. If you aren't familiar with what Strafe is, here is the link to the write-up: Dosing...
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    EvoMuse Gut Health WTB

    Looking for Gut Health people. Hit me up if you want to get rid of any bottles.
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    Kbayne Reverse Dieting, Mountain Dog, and Much More

    This log will explain my reverse diet plan, training (mountain dog), food pics, and just some random stuff. Hoping to make it a fun but motivating/helpful log for everyone. I just competed in the NPC 2014 Phil Heath Wyoming Classic this past weekend. It was my first show and I was nervous as...
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    Kbayne testing out Follidrone

    First off, thanks to BLR and Brunel for letting me log this new stuff. Been up for logging since Brunel was offering and have been excited to get this rolling. Here is my workout regimen split: Monday: legs (heavy) Tuesday: chest and shoulders (heavy) Wednsday: back (heavy) Thursday: chest...
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    Mixin it up with iForce Brown Sugar Maple Oatmeal Cookie

    Huge thanks to iForce and Vaughn for hookin me up with a full jug of their new Protean. I will doing a log based on how I consume it, whether it be a shake or baking with it. I have plenty of things I want to try with this flavor. Opening it was fun. Always enjoy opening protein to get...
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    Kbayne X-n his way along with AB + F-95

    I am excited to get another log up and rolling. I enjoy logging my progress and being able to interact with everyone. Makes for a fun and effective time. To start, the supplements I will be running: - 4 bottles X-Gels - 2 bottles OG Anabeta - 6 bottles Analyzed Supplements Forskolin-95 - 1...
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    It's GutHealth Check Time

    First and foremost, thanks EvoMuse for selecting me to give this a log. Never have ran a digestive supplement/optimizer before so I am excited to see what this can do for me. Just took my first 2 caps as I am typing this up. Let's get this rollin :D.
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    NCAA Big Dance

    Who are your Elite 8 teams? Final Four team? Championship Game?
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    Kbayne Begins The Cutting Phase

    Well it is that time of the season where most of us try and get cut up for the summer or after a long bulking phase, which I just went through. My bulk was very successful. Put on more fat then I wanted but still gained a nice amount of mass with still keeping some of my definition. Strength...
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    PES Enhaced Review

    Would like to thank Josh and PES for letting me sample their new pre-workout that is about to blow up the market. I received two samples. Today's Workout: So I waited until today to try my first PES Enhanced Preworkout sample. I used a full dose of one of the samples...
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    Kbayne doing it P/RR/S Style

    Well I just started my new workout today. Been a while since I switched it up... so looking forward to seeing how this goes. Like the title says, I am doing P/RR/S style workout. I will post everyday my workout lifts and numbers. So lets get this started: December 10: Back Warm-up-- 3...
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    Yellow Gold, Na-R-ALA, Agmatine

    YG- 500mg Na-R-ALA- 300mg Agmatine- 500mg Taken 20 minutes pre carb meal 2 or 3 times a day?