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  1. Contest Prep begins!!!

    Tapering of water makes absolutely no sense. The body will adjust to water being tapered. Just as it adjusts to water being increased and releases the water to unination/increased sweating, etc. Halting water approximately 18-20 hours from pre-judging doesn't allow the body any chance to...
  2. NHL Playoff matchups

    I don't care who plays Ottawa as long as the opposition wins!!! Go Tampa!!!!!!!!
  3. Contest Prep begins!!!

    Casein is fine for baking. Could use Milk Protein instead actually.
  4. Coming 3/1: DNP log

    who the heck eats 2000 calories/day unless they are in like the last week or so in contest prep??
  5. How much can you bench??:)

    Test is overrated. Tren at a gram week is where its at, sir. :D
  6. Checkout tihs diet from RESPECTED local trainer...

    Umm thanks. I think? lol
  7. How much can you bench??:)

    45,000lbs for 6.
  8. Coming 3/1: DNP log

    bump.. still alive dude?
  9. Results from Deca-Test Cycle

    Unreal. Not much else needs to be added other than repeating what others have said. What you needed was grocery store bags of food everyday. Not gear. Why is everyone always in a hurry?
  10. Checkout tihs diet from RESPECTED local trainer...

    I'm not arguing anything man. I'm simply saying that if she got the results she wanted (initially) then that is what matters. Now that she is a bit more "less green" and perhaps understands things a bit better its a good thing that she's seeking out other people, like yourself, to get her...
  11. Checkout tihs diet from RESPECTED local trainer...

    If she got results then he did his job. Was it optimal? Probably not. But I have learned when it comes to 99% of the population looking to lose weight, etc... they don't really care how its done as long as whoever they hired gets them the results they want. In general, most aren't concerned...
  12. Checkout tihs diet from RESPECTED local trainer...

    Did the diet and training get her the results she wanted?
  13. a little about shitloading

    Re: a little about ****loading The timing is important but in general, if you do a trial run 6 weeks out (should be lean enough at this time to see how it works) you will know better what your body responds to. In general though I think its about one of the more easier aspects to the...
  14. a little about shitloading

    Re: a little about ****loading One should always cut water. You drink high high (some go upwards of 10-12 liters for several weeks) levels of water right up til the dayof the show. At noon you drop it. It's pretty simple. I not quite sure what you mean though.
  15. a little about shitloading

    Re: a little about ****loading LOL chick workouts. haha. By the last depletion workout and on no-low carbs, it can be some of the most mentally demanding training going.
  16. Test E and Superdrol, which one is making me tired?

    You took only a portion of my statement to make your remarks. It makes a difference based on all of what I wrote. And, no need to be kind. Just give'er :)
  17. what exactly is Drostanolone Propionate

    3) LOL Masteron and proviron are pretty damn cheap here it seems. Lucky boy that I am. :D
  18. a little about shitloading

    Re: a little about ****loading No. They did their depletion workouts on Monday,Tuesday and Wednesday morning. 12pm on Wednesday they started their carb up til Friday around 6pm when they dropped water completely and started their ****loading. Either way, I am willing ot bet my life you will...
  19. a little about shitloading

    Re: a little about ****loading People have done depletion and loads for YEARS now very successfully. It works. Period. It makes your body a sponge which is what you want. Secondly, every competitor I have seen the next day following a show (and pigging out after the night show) looked 100...
  20. Test Cyp. + Anavar [Cutter] ?'s

    I've run all 3 AI's and they do nothing but absolutely kill libido. Different strokes for different folks. All compounds have their pluses and minuses. Only way to know which is better for you is to try'em out. Unfortunately its an expensive trial and error process. But for dieting, I don't...