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  1. joebo

    Old CEL products

    If kept in freezer would you think old Hdrol would still be good. Considering just tossing it. Also have a stash of old superdrol.
  2. joebo

    Purus Muscle Marinade - Joebo(Sponsored)

    First off a big thanks to Purus for giving me this opportunity. I love trying new pre-workout mixes, but typically stick to the few that work for me and I like. Prior to Muscle Marinade, I was using iForce Maximze, Vasocharge, Anadraulic State, and Methyl Mass(cheap at NP). I'm not gonna bore...
  3. joebo

    For Sale: VPX NO-Shotgun v3 (Muscle Builders)

    I have 2 tubs of NO-Shotgun v3. I have one tub which is open and missing 5 scoops(Grape Bubblegum Flavor). And one sealed tub flavored Exotic Fruit. I loved Shotgun v2 and really love v3, however, v3 gives me horrible acne for some reason. Please send offers. Looking for: Anadraulic State...
  4. joebo

    H-Drol - First Cycle

    I decided to finally embark on my first cycle. I started this past tuesday so i'm almost one week into it. Age: 29 Weight: 193.5 Height: 6' BF: 10-12% Dosage: 50/50/50/50 or 75/75 Running Cycle Assist at 8 caps per day Fish Oil Cissus Universal Flex NO-Shotgun multi PCT: Have Nolva, but not...
  5. joebo

    Sustain Alpha Stand Alone??

    Picked up a bottle of Sustain Alpha to run as part of a PCT for a cycle later, but was curious if the product is worthwhile to run solo or if I would be wasting money. I've read very little on the product outside of PCT. Appreciate any input from people who may have run it by itself or part of...
  6. joebo

    First Cycle - H-Drol

    So I'm going to run my first cycle. Not going crazy, just planning on running a 50/50/50/50 of h-drol and possibly add an additional two weeks at 75, but will see how it goes. I've read enough people state that their first h-drol cycle at 50mg for four weeks was very favorable. I do have a...
  7. joebo

    For Sale: Pre-Workout Samples (Miscellaneous Products)

    Lots of pre-workout samples I will never use. 2 - White Flood Tablets 16 - Juggernaut (Various flavors) 2 - Armegeddon 4 - NO-Shotgun 4 - Nano Vapor 1 - Assault 3 - Hypershock 9 - SP250 1 - Trac Extreme 1 - Xpand 1 - Shock Therapy 1 - Myoshock 10 - NO-Xplode [CLASSIFIED1256]
  8. joebo

    For Sale: NeoVar Recomped 2 x 240ct $50 Shipped (Muscle Builders)

    Need money for some odd and end wedding items. $50 for both sealed bottled. Total of 480 pills.. This should go fast at this price. [CLASSIFIED1140]
  9. joebo

    For Sale: Toco-8 (Miscellaneous Products)

    Sealed bottle of PP's Toco-8, stored in refrigerated. Make an offer. Also I'm looking for CEL's TD Form. Open to any and all trades though.. [CLASSIFIED1131]
  10. joebo

    Looking for Advice...

    I've been hitting the gym for several years now, I'm just about 29yr old and have been considering a PH/PS for quite some time. I understand what needs to follow after a cycle, but my biggest concern and drawback is the possible hair loss. I'm honestly not looking to gain 10-15lbs, but a solid...
  11. joebo

    For Sale: Gaspari PlasmaJet (1/2 box ) (Muscle Builders)

    I have a bit over half a box of PlasmaJet left that I'm looking to get rid of. Please make a cash offer via PM. Open to trades, just ask. Interested mainly in topical fat burners to try, most interested in Eviscerate. [CLASSIFIED1130]
  12. joebo

    LG's PB Lipotropic Protein

    A big Thank You to LG for hooking me up to try this new flavor of protein. First thing I noticed when I opened the container is that the PB protein is very heavy and dense, almost moist for a lack of better terms. I can not imagine getting anywhere near 31 scoops out of this. Maybe 12 if I'm...
  13. joebo

    For Sale: Neovar Recomped (240ct) (Muscle Builders)

    I have 2 brand new sealed bottles of Neovar Recomped. Each bottle is 240ct. PM me if interested. I'm willing to make some trades for the right items. [CLASSIFIED1122]
  14. joebo


    Any good? Its really cheap on a deal site and was interested in feedback based on its ingredient profile. AB-FX Transdermal Muscle Defining Complex by Body-FX Want Ripped Abs? Then look no further! AB-FX Advanced Transdermal Formula is specifically designed to get rid of hard to lose...
  15. joebo

    Topical Fat Burners

    I just finished up with a bottle of Napalm which I got via a trade. I can't say the product was great, but does anyone really believe these products are worth $40 a bottle? I just can't justify that price. Has anyone seen $40 results from any of these topicals?
  16. joebo

    TD Form - Puffy Nip cure??

    I believe I have read somewhere that TD Formestane has helped people with puffy nipples. I have had them forever. It's not gyno, almost just like fat right around the nipples. No much, but i'd like to remove it. I could swear I have heard people have had success using formestane. Any comment?
  17. joebo

    BCAA Stable in Liquid??

    Just curious... How long are BCAA's "good" diluted in water? I would like to mix large pitchers of BCAA concoctions, but was not sure if they degrade rather quickly.
  18. joebo

    ATW Chocolate PB Cup

    I was very skeptical with this flavor as anytime anyone incorporates peanut butter it goes south. I love pb. ATW actually got this right in my eyes. Its tastes damn close to a pb cup. The only other choc pb I have tried is Combat which tasted not much like chocolate nor peanut butter. I...
  19. joebo

    Primaforce Havoc???

    Did RPN license out Havoc to Scivation/Primaforce?? I know many people make EPI products, but using the name Havoc? Just curious, found it interested to see Scivation producing hormonals...
  20. joebo

    Met-RX MRP

    These are absolutely disgusting!! Thick and almost undrinkable. I wouldn't recommend this sludge to anyone!