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  1. The_Old_Guy

    Uh Oh - HMB No Workie In Us?

    Just posted yesterday: Haven't read it in detail, just skimmed, mobile sucks for web reading. Any of you Evidence Based guys read the whole thing?
  2. The_Old_Guy

    Berberine Products Tested *And* Named I used a photo editor tool and eyeballed Swanson to be about 82/83% which equals about 328-332mg (didn't read the study). I'd still get that one based on price, but I didn't do the math on Nutritional Concepts...
  3. The_Old_Guy

    So, About This Ma Huang...

    Ok, so after a very funny detour in a thread about Ma Huang and US law, I did what I always try to do and actually *obtain and use* something before talking authoritatively about it. So I ordered 1lb (2x8oz Bags) of a 10:1 Ma Huang Stem Powder. They were about $30 ea, give or take. This company...
  4. The_Old_Guy

    USA Sales Clarification Please

    First thing I did was read the Rules thread. It says no PH or SARMs. Is this still correct? I see a bunch of listings for those Items. I have a bunch of OL UK stuff I'd like to get rid of (since on TRT now). Just trying to follow the rules - thanks!
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    I could have sworn there was a dedicated TRT section... Anyway, I am now in the club. Rx'd 100mg Test Cyp per week, which I am doing 50mg twice a week - SubQ per the Dr. Crissler protocol. From what I'm seeing 100mg/Week is a decent first script - I go back in 3 weeks, I assume for bloodwork to...
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    Hardware Supplements

    I'm on day 18 of a Ketogenic Cut using a NovaMax Blood Ketone Meter. Realizing groups of people react differently, I'll say this: If you are thinking of Keto to lose fat, you *really* need to get this meter (there are others, but this was the best deal, but shop around - Freedom, and...
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    NAC Meta-Analysis

    Can anyone find the full text (without paying $49.95) for this?
  8. The_Old_Guy

    Just a 48 Year Olds Bloodwork

    Other than 'General Health' stuff, the only thing I've taken in the last year, has been 1 bottle of OL Origen that I finished a few days ago. May go TRT if I can get it at 360 - but I gotta tell you - I feel friggen awesome now, can't imagine TRT. Maybe it's my LESS THAN 5.0 ESTROGEN? I may...
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    10 Curcumin Products Tested

    At the end, they list the 3 OEM's that had the best of the 10: Opens a .pdf >
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    PSA - Brown Rice Macros

    Hey, if people can post steroid threads here... :D Dumb A$$ moment of 2017 so far - just found out I've been eating an extra 400kcals per day for the last...month? So instead of a cautious bulk at 3300, it's been 3700. I was wondering why the last notch on my Inzer Belt felt tighter. Lifts have...
  11. The_Old_Guy

    Another Nail In The CLA Coffin

    Overweight, Human Females, who trained for 8 weeks. DEXA: Conjugated linoleic acid supplementation does not maximize motor performance and abdominal and trunk fat loss induced by aerobic training in overweight women
  12. The_Old_Guy

    Achilles Tendon Pain - Cured?

    So here's the deal, if anyone remembers my "log" on BPC-157 and Elbow Tendonitis, you may recall I also had on going (over a year) Achilles Tendon pain.... that BPC did nothing for. Now, it was dead smack in the middle of the tendon, not at an attachment point, so it wasn't exactly "solvable" by...
  13. The_Old_Guy

    The Other Suppversity

    If you want even more data on ergogenic aids / supplements, check out SV's Instagram. Not as detailed (obviously) but he posts like 5-10 studies per day. Point your browser to: or add it in the app. I went through that whole page, just reading.
  14. The_Old_Guy

    New Clomiphene Study

    New study on Off Label use of Clomiphene for Low T in Men. Includes some interesting dosing protocols and the results. I'll post a screen grab of the .pdf and the link to the actual Full Text - Just click the "PDF" link Top Dead Center for the whole thing...
  15. The_Old_Guy

    Helms On Supplements

    Podcast 28: Eric Helms - Updates to Training & Nutrition Recommendations for Natural Bodybuilders – Revive Stronger Some new data on Beta-Alanine and Citrulline Malate, and other good stuff. This is a good podcast, check out the ones featuring Mike Israetel.
  16. The_Old_Guy

    Merry Thanksgiving (US)

    Have a good one, friends and foes alike :D My 'Fat Secret' macro app is already programmed for some massive food destruction. Heading to my gym now for some Cardio and some sets I couldn't get in yesterday and then IT - IS - ON!!!!! Gobble f'n Gobble ! :D
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    PH Long Term Storage Oral/TD

    With this massive 2-Andro and 11-KT blow out sale going on, I have a ton of this stuff, as well as capped and liquid SARMs. Does anyone *KNOW* the exact best way to store these things for a long time? Cool, Dark Cabinet - Refrigerator, - or Freezer (obviously not for the Liquid or...
  18. The_Old_Guy

    IF Supplementation

    Trying out Intermittent Fasting mainly for purported healthy aspects of it/boredom, vs any body-comp/performance angle. I go from 7PM to 11AM, and then eat at 11, 1, 4, and 7. I lifted for the first time fasted - and it was better than I thought it would be - actually bettered the last workout...
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    Did a search - not a lot, and what there is, is old. Did this stuff not pan out? Looking at it mainly for Liver and Lipid control for LGD, but did the rat fat loss (or better - fat gain prevention) ever translate? I grabbed some Scivation gel-caps from SP/NP, but I have no idea how old they are...
  20. The_Old_Guy

    GH Testing

    This is probably a really stupid question, but are there any "Best Practices" to follow when going in for a blood draw when adding GH and IGF-1 to the Female Hormone Panel? AM is best for T, but GH "pulses" - is there a "Best Time" for it? Would making two separate trips be better, or just make...