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  1. Old, expired superdrol. Still good?

    Try em out as the other guys have said..... I took years expired h-drol before and it was fine. It was definitely not always stored at recommended temps......... I have opened bottles of trenadrol and p-plex im gonna take just for the hell of it soon.....:devilish:
  2. Best Stim AND non-stim fat burners?

    I took my Deca booster shot this morning
  3. Best Stim AND non-stim fat burners?

    Do I then get added to a federal watchlist? lol Or only if I buy a dozen packs?
  4. Word Association Thread!!!!!!!!11

  5. Best Stim AND non-stim fat burners?

    Id go straight ephedrine but that crap is harder to find than gear!! lol
  6. Best Stim AND non-stim fat burners?

    Try fasted cardio with Clen, Yohimbine, Coffee
  7. Switching from IM to sub q, help?

    Hey my dude. I was actually giving sub q a go last week. Using 30g 1/2". I tried my stomach my glutes and my quads. A few things I learned..... Injecting 45 degree angle didnt seem to help lower pip or really seem any different so that seems unnecessary. Also pinching up the fat in the belly...
  8. Help me build a quality cycle to get back in the game!

    Spironolactone is Rx only? I've never seen iton source/Rc sites. Also isn't Nizoral an anti-dandruff. Sorry OP and Cubsfan for off topic questions. Also I'm in Central Illinois Go Cubbies!
  9. How do I end my cycle

    Listen to the more experienced members on here but my input would be if you start feeling like total **** goto a doctor and be honest with them. You don't want any long term effects from this...
  10. Anyone use Supreme Labs?

    I don't see the Clomid on there either 🤔
  11. heres my situation

    Keep in mind most will report lethargy as a side with higher doses of a ph. I have a pretty physical job aswell and find the calories needed for gains GREATLY exceed what most say they use for bulking cycle. P mag and hdrol would be good 1st time runs for a ph.
  12. Welcome Thread!

    Good 2 hear!
  13. halodrol cycle *first cycle*

    Good suggestions guys. Personally my first cycle was h-drol and I gained about 10lbs and kept 8 with an otc pct. I believe i used AI pct, Retain, alpha drive, and something that had creatine and chrysin (sp?) in the same capsule... oh and also trione @ 500/300/100/100eod. My next cycle i def...
  14. Extending cycle.. change pct?

    Yes sir hdrol has been good! Im def not against serms... just dont have a legit source
  15. Extending cycle.. change pct?

    Hey whats up everybody. I was wondering if anyone had any experience and/or input on CEL Hdrol pct. I am on my 4th week (as of fri) of 50mg a day. Ive made some great gains in strength and mass while eating a lil dirty and want to run an additional 2 weeks, 5th at 50 and possibly the 6th at...
  16. Is Phera wet or dry?

    sounds good in theory.... Anyone tried this????
  17. new M-Drol side effect..

    Damn it! I didnt even get to wear mine yet and its already out of style!?
  18. Steroids and police!

    I wanted to chime in since im a criminal justice major. dasade is right you must go through an extensive background check as well as lie detection on apparently some crazy personal questions from what ive heard. You will most likely be taking piss and blood tests and it wouldnt surprise me if...
  19. Day 3 H-drol Buzz

    Yeeesssiirr support supps are on! I first doubled the dose of the hb then started taking another dose later in day and all is fine. Last night I had a pretty intense workout (more volume) not sure if there was some placebo going on b/c i cant tell any faster recovery. But anyway i shall keep on...
  20. Day 3 H-drol Buzz

    Yes this is what I figured, I am using HB i think ill try and double the dose see what happens. Thanks for the reassurance!