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  1. raul87

    Help on timing for cycle

    I have been wanting to begin an 8 week cycle of 1 andro and epiandro. Cycle Week 1-8 330mg Sup3r-1 500/750/1000 of epiandro First week 500mg if it feels good then 750 for a week and then 1000 for the remainder I have never ran this so why im tapering up epi dosage. PCT Clomid...
  2. raul87

    Post your latest purchase

    As the title says. I'll start with this not my purchase but my dad just got himself this the day before father's day and my latest purchase is a tire for my car.
  3. raul87

    Turning in my natty card with Sup3r 11

    So last night as I was very hungover at work I kept thinking son of a bitch I ate good all week and just consumed over 2000 empty calories of beer. The whole night I contemplated on starting Sup3r 11 and said to myself screw it will be just the kick in the ass I need to slow down on my drinking...
  4. raul87

    Diabetic support supplements?

    My mom bought my dad some GNC diabetic support and it kind of peeved me they didn't even bother asking me they know I read up a lot on supplements. They've seen my changes first hand. Obviously I don't know much about diabetic stuff not being diabetic and doesn't run in the family but a quick...
  5. raul87

    Raul87 training fasted with Endur3 (unsponsored)

    So today I woke up and when I went to the kitchen to grab some water I noticed a USPS package and I got excited. I open it up only to find out its Endur3 and like all the peeps here you immediately want to try it. So I took the Conqu3r I have and mixed the Endur3 to head out to the gym and loved...
  6. raul87

    OG Alphamax Log (first test booster)

    So on Monday I began an 8week cycle of the OG Alphamax. I kept reading a bunch of good reviews and decided to use this as my first test booster because of the other goodies it has. My goals are to get some muscle definition getting my body fat down while retaining as much strength as possible...
  7. raul87

    Where do you draw the line onumber being natty?

    What products? Ingredients? I'd like to stay natty as far as my genes can take me and I don't plan on taking anything for the foreseeable future as I've been lifting for less than 2 years. I'm just curious as to what has convinced you guys ton either stay natty or go past it. Edit: wtf...
  8. raul87

    Raul87's slow journey to a better body

    Well this is gonna be my progress thread as I begin to make a strong push to get the muscular body I have been wanting. I'm currently 6' and 265lbs and maybe around mid to upper 20s body fat % wise. My goals are to get some muscle definition not interested in being super shredded as I've always...
  9. raul87

    Training fasted help

    So I have a problem with training fasted in the "morning". I work in the oil fields and on rotating shifts so whenever I do my 5pm-5am shift I workout at about 1am after waking up. Having limited food choices in the town I work in really hurts my options of what to eat during the night. My meals...
  10. raul87

    Going to run my first test booster (Alphamax)

    So I've always thought and read that test boosters were for the older guys and guys with Low T until I came in here and saw how many people actually use them and they weren't old. Alphamax kept popping up and people rave on how good it was on leaning out while gaining strength so that being my...
  11. raul87

    The random thought/question thread

    So in a small forum I am a member in we have a random thought thread for pretty much what it is called random thoughts and if conversations take off in this thread the people discussing usually decide it warrants its own thread so more people can check it out and chime in. So I'm thinking maybe...
  12. raul87

    Critique my bench

    Right now I have a goal to hit a 4 plate bench I'm currently at 365lbs, I know I'm big enough but as of right now I want to burn fat while getting stronger maybe even get dowm 20lbs. I'm eating clean with a high protein diet. Here is a video of me hitting 315 any advice on form and tweaks I can...
  13. raul87

    Thinking of adding x factor to my stack

    After some reading I've come to learn about x factor and it seems pretty legit so why not give it a try. My current goals are to get stronger, build muscle, and get below 20% body fat I believe I'm in the 23-26% range right now. I'm trying to lose weight and burn fat and minimize strength loses...