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  1. Help did I give myself a hernia

    Some fuckin how doing reverse flys my right abdomen Locked up for about a minute and I had to put my head on the seat rest and put all tension on my neck to keep my torso up to tack strain off the abs and breathe slowly until it went away I don’t think I can see a bulge? But my groin hurts on...
  2. Taking libido on cycle

    Any way to chill this out seriously annoying
  3. Alright, life changes time

    so I really pushed the enevelope with gear. I his has only been a honderance to my life. after these 4 weeks I’m quitting for atleast a year or two. What kind of a physique can be maintained or achieved on 120-250 mg of test And say I do oral cycles on trt of dmz msten and anadrol. Every now...
  4. Anyone ever take super dmz 3.0

    The msten dmz alpha 1 stack? I can’t imagine it’s any weaker than superdrol I mean msten, which is di methyl dhb (m1t is methyl dhb) Dmz which is 2 superdrol bonded by azine And alpha 1, which apparently has 20 percent conversion to m1t This has to be like as strong as m1t (I get it it’s...
  5. Help or not since I was a bit of a dick last post

    So I’m going back to trt for awhile long story short my first cycle gave me acne scars that will never go away. It’s bad surgery may improve them 50 percent probly not that’s as far as I’m getting into it basically can’t take my shirt off ever. That’s why I’m pissed all of the time Anyways so...
  6. Heave you seen these Facebook sarm companies

    The amount of clueless people in the comment section is honestly hilarious at this point I always try to go in there and clean up the mess
  7. How long does sdrol work for

    Typically orals plateau at 4 weeks right, whatabout Sd what would an 8 weeks 10mg cycle do would it plateau?
  8. Medfit is not done?

    Just saw on fb idk if it’s the owner of medfit but someone said are they done for good? And he replied and said “no stay tuned for relaunch next week (:”
  9. How much protein u eating daily

    Generally I won’t go above 300 but it’s easier to do 250 by a lot major difference between 250 and 300 if u are 210lbs?
  10. Can I please get some input on this

    There’s more traffic here so I’m posting it here. Am I doing too much? Let’s take chest for example. I do LINEAR SETS. That’s 3-4 sets of pushing until I can only get 1-3 more reps before racking. (Close to fsilure) I do 3-4 sets of incline, flat and fly machine This will be TWICE a week...
  11. Once vs twice a week muscle group

    Is there a significant difference between training once versus twice a week ? I’m starting to feel there’s a huge difference I can either do Sunday- chest tris Tuesday- legs Wednesday- shoulders Thursday or friday -back bis Then repeat on Sunday again OR Sunday- chest tris Monday-legs...
  12. Does anyone else just feel like dmz msten are stronger than drol dbol

    Swear to god man there’s something to this dmz msten Aggression endurance water retention strength glycogen all in one
  13. What r u guys bulking on calorie macro wise

    Currently 250 protein 450-600 carbs 120-150 fat 4-5k calories
  14. EmergencyUH OH these tablets are not the same. DMZ
  15. Injectable vs oral superdrol (if you’ve tried both get in here)

    Lots say it seems that you absorb more injectable but the other side to the argument is oral has to go through 1st pass in the liver which has an effect on igf -1 leading to the oral version being stronger. This was taken from a comparison of injectable vs oral winstrol - i haven’t read it I...
  16. How many fucking times do I gotta tell myself

    I’ll make more gains eating enough food on no orals than taking orals and not eating enough this **** will not stick in my head
  17. Do you benefit from stacking compounds

    Do you get anything at all out of stacking an extra oral.
  18. Dmz at 75

    How’s this gonna compare to superdrol at 20 or msten at 20 I got superdrol but it makes me extremely angry figured I’d get decent results at 75 dmz. 550 carbs 125 fat 245 protein
  19. Where’d medfit go

    I can’t find the good stuff anymore
  20. Unanswered YK11?!?! (U might wanna see this)