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  1. MrOneEyedBoh

    Wanna give some natty stuff a go: Mtest/Anabolic Effect/Sustain Alpha - something other than?

    A short backstory: 35 now, haven't ran anything since 8 years or so. Looking to try some of the new stuff out there. Looks like somethings have changed lol. I bothered GQ and Steve a bit but thought I'd see what y'all thought, and leave them alone. Anabolic Effect is a go for sure. But would...
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    Help with Noxygen liquid caps vs. Vasoforce XT vs. CEL super swol - Nitrates safe?

    So looking for an effective pump product, I may add a stim or get their stim alternative. I think I read something about Nitrates being potentially bad... Truth? That aside, how are these newer pump blends like Vasoforce and super swol? I prefer pills as I just chug the Pre-wo anyway plus...
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    Looking for: Pre-WO with pump...

    What's up, I've been out of the game for a while but continued to still work out. Looking for a pre-WO that is mainly pump based. I don't mind stims, but I can always just throw in a caffeine tab. Although I do like a stimmed product... Seems to be a lot of new stuff out there, last I left off...
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    Pre-WO needed: No nitrates, no stim

    I didn't want to start a new thread but the other one took a turn and if I posted there someone might pass by since they already read it. Anyway, looking for a PreWO that has no nitrates, no stims. I'm going to be taking it along with Oxymax and Alphamax, not directly but im going to,be running...
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    New pre-WO , what's worth checking out

    Any pre-WO mix out there that are worth looking at? Looking for something for fast carbs mainly, I could do gummy bears etc but maybe something else is decent with other benefits? Thanks guys
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    Alphamax dosage and Oxymax timing

    Looking to take these two products. The alphamax questions are, how long should I run it and when should I time it. Oxymax questions are. I dose in the am and eat about 30-45 mins after then take another 7 hours later. I workout late around 7pm. I eat around 10, 5 and 9-10pm.
  8. MrOneEyedBoh

    When to time carbs pre and post WO? Also snacks before bed.?

    So I workout around 7. Usually eat around 5. Is that too far ahead of time for preWO carbs to take effect? What about postWO carbs, obviously as soon as possible after the WO? I'd get protein with the carbs above. Also whats good to munch on before bed? I hate going to bed hungry...
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    What protein powder now days is the goto?

    I've laid off of this stuff as before I just ate more food. Now I'm older, life's real and I have no time, I'm looking to get some powder for a fast grab at food. Costco has the ON gold for like 60 for 6# I believe. Back in the day Vitamin Shoppe, their Whey Tec wasn't bad. But again I...
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    Something to help with new cut... Supps?

    So I've stayed pretty lean for about 7 years. I'm starting to notice more chest and lower belly fat that I'm jot happy about. I've never really had to worry about what I ate etc to stay decent looking. That's what I'm after, just an average looking body well average athletic body. Not...
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    USA Olympic Labs Ep1c Unleashed and SNS Inhibit - E

    Looking to go a different route, I have 2 bottles of EP1C and 1 pump bottle ( TD ) of EP1C. I also have 4 bottles of SNS Inhibit-E. I'll let them go as a lot for 150.00. That's ~50 off prices now. If you want the Epic, I'll go 120, Inhibit-e I'll go 50 shipped. All are sealed. Or give me an...
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    USA Olympus Labs Ep1C ( Pills & Td ), Hydro3 And Sns Inhibit-E

    Olympus Labs Ep1C ( Pills & Td ), Hydro3 And Sns Inhibit-E Looking to go a different route, I have 2 bottles of EP1C and 1 pump bottle ( TD ) of EP1C. I also have 1 bottle of HYDRO, and 4 bottles of SNS Inhibit-E. I'll let them all go for 185.00. This is about $40.00 off retail. All are...
  13. MrOneEyedBoh

    OT: Do we still have a classifieds here?

    I was wondering of there is still a classifieds for unused/sealed supplementss? I have some OL and SNS I want to get rid of ( wanna go a different route ) but I cant find a section.. Thought Id ask here.
  14. MrOneEyedBoh

    OL Hydro3 and stims, pre-wo?

    There shouldn't be any adverse effects wutg Hydro3 and a pre-wo stim, right? Talking about say Conqu3r or Cannibal Ferox etc.
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    Inhibit-e vs. Arimistane

    I know the old inhibit-e was ATD, and Arimistane has been the same. I was wondering if there is anything one has over the other in terms of benefits? Does one work better for maybe isn't as strong? Just looking to lower some body fat and reduce some E. Any help maybe from someone that has used...
  16. MrOneEyedBoh

    Pre W.O needed - Something with pump and stim factors?

    Just ran two OL Conq3r tubs and like it. Looking for something new... Is there anything with pump and stim in one thats decent? I will be using vital1ty at pre-wo too.
  17. MrOneEyedBoh

    Need something to replace electrolytes etc from heavy swea

    So at work I drink my 1 gallon of water no problem. But here is the issue .. I'm sweating heavily and the water isn't replacing what's being sweat out or used up. I don't mind drinking Powerade but the less of that I can drink the better, for me at least. I just don't want the artificial sugar...
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    What P/F/C ratio?

    I'm looking to recomp/bulk up ( possible? Lol ) anyway what percentages should I be shooting for?
  19. MrOneEyedBoh

    Found an old sealed tub of

    I found an old tub of Xtend, esp was 11/13. I opened it up, still sealed but there is some clumping. Is it safe to still use?
  20. MrOneEyedBoh

    Looking for help on my order.. Still sitting there.

    I placed the order 1/1/14. Seven days later its still there... Can someone see whats up? Order: 466046