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  1. bowhunter28

    How does my AL stack look?

    Going to run a cutting cycle this fall. Was thinking about running AL with epi and ultradrol. Does this look ok? UD: 16/16/16/0/0/0 EPI: 0/0/20/30/30/40 AL: 4/4/4/4/4/4 Comments and suggestions welcome.
  2. bowhunter28

    Killer cut!! Opinions please!

    Hey guys thinking about running a cutting cycle this fall with ultradrol, epi, and androlean. Let me know of this looks alright: UD: 16/16/16/0/0/0 EPI: 0/0/20/30/30/40 AL: 4/4/4/4/4/4 Let me know your opinions. Think it might be a little much but might be doable.
  3. bowhunter28

    My next cycle. Opinions?

    Here is what I was thinking about running for my summer cycle. I have half a bottle of AHv3, 1 bottle of Havoc and will be purchasing 2 bottles of AMv3. Here is what I was thinking: Havoc: 20/30/30/40/0/0/0/0 AMV3: 6/6/6/6/6/6/6/6 AHV3: 0/0/0/0/3/3/3/3 PCT- Nolva: 20/20/10/10 Sustain...
  4. bowhunter28

    First dose of v3 today...

    I started T-bol lv on Monday for a 6 week run. I was going to run AH for the final 4 weeks of the cycle but I got in on the presale and then bought another bottle on black Friday so it looks like I will be running AH for just about 5.5 weeks. I will be running this stack as a recomp. If v3 is...
  5. bowhunter28

    V3 Dosing Question

    I ordered AH V3 and on your website it says to dose all six caps at once upon waking. Why is this? I would dose V2 three caps twice a day. Just curious on the difference. Thanks.
  6. bowhunter28

    Recomp: Anabeta, Alpha t-2, and Erase

    Well I started this stack today because I have been trying to recomp without supps other than staples and I have hit a wall. Thought these three would be good options to continue my goal. I have taken A T-2 and Erase in the past at Maintenance calories and was pretty impressed. I just...
  7. bowhunter28

    6 week AM/AH Cycle

    Well I am at the beginning of my third week of a six week cycle with AH and AM. I thought now would be a good to write down some of my thoughts/review thus far. I used the new version of AH a few months ago and loved it so I threw it in this cycle as well. I am running AM for six weeks and AH...
  8. bowhunter28

    AH + AM Dosing?

    I have 2 bottles of AM and 1 bottle of AH. I plan on making this cycle a six week lean bulk or recomp. How would you incorporate the AH in to this cycle? Here are some options I have thought about: 1. AM: 6/6/6/6/6/6 AH: 0/0/6/6/6/6 2. AM: 6/6/6/6/6/6 AH: 4/4/4/4/4/4 Or...
  9. bowhunter28

    Lovin androhard!

    I am about to complete my second week of an Androhard and 1-androsterone (AMS) stack and I am loving it. I respond really well to 1-androsterone but I usually end up gaining a bunch of fat while on it. I threw in the AH hoping to keep it lean and I must say that I am really impressed. I have...
  10. bowhunter28

    Supplements on a Plane?

    Does anybody know if you can take supplements in a carry on bag with you on a plane? I am going to florida and want to take my bottle of Erase with me.
  11. bowhunter28

    Sustain off days of Pulse

    Im thinking about doing a pulse of epi for my next cycle. I will be dosing the epi on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. My question is, should I use Sustain alpha on the four days during the week I am not dosing epi? And then during PCT should, just start dosing it everyday? Also for PCT I am...
  12. bowhunter28

    My 1-t bulk so far....

    A few of you asked me for updates with my current cycle of 1-t when I was asking pct questions a few weeks ago. First off I have to say that I love this stuff! I am half way through week 4 out of 6. Most noticeably, my recovery time is very short and my strength and muscle is through the...
  13. bowhunter28

    PCT: tcf-1 and sustain

    I plan on running a cycle of 1-t in the near future(got in on the awesome deal going on). I was wondering if tcf-1 and sustain alpha was enough for my pct or if I should add more. Thanks
  14. bowhunter28

    PCT question

    I just started my first prohormone cyle. I am taking 4-ad by Advanced Muscle Science. I bought the Arom-x by AMS for my PCT. Will this be enough for my pct or should I take something in addition to this? Or something completely different?