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  1. USA WTB list

    Mechabol and/or halodrol
  2. Help with Gyno Lump regarding AI

    I'm 6 weeks into test e @ 375 and eq @ 500. Started the cycle off by front loading a bit of each that was left from a while back. I usually don't start my AI until I feel itchy nips, etc. This time with the front load I guess it was too much and even though I easily got my itchy nips to go away...
  3. USA WTB OL Endurashred

    WTB OL Endurashred PM me
  4. USA WTS/WTT: 5 tubs of PES Select Peanut Butter Cup

    WTT: 5 tubs of PES Select Peanut Butter Cup Sealed, exp. 1/17 Send me a list of trades if you have one
  5. WTS/WTT: Supplements & PS3 Games

    I'm looking to sell or trade me extra supplements & PS3 games. If you are interested in finding out what I have send me a PM and we can discuss it further.
  6. WTS/WTT: Follidrone, X-Factor, C4

    Follidrone - Sold out X-Factor - Pending C4 - 2 30 serving tubs - $35 shipped I may also be interested in the following: Animal Flex, Cissus, other joint and tendon related products Formeron, Viron CL Pronom 23, Chocolate PES Select, MGN Whey, Quest Bars All in one cycle support/general...
  7. WTS: PES Anabeta

    PES Anabeta - 1 sealed and 1 open with 56/120 caps $45 shipped
  8. SNS Focus XT & 1FAST400 Leucine

    2 1FAST400 L-Leucine 500g each (1 sealed and 1 opened with a few scoops missing) = $30 Shipping is $5... Also accepting trade offers.
  9. WTS/WTT Focus XT (CF), Leucine, Anabeta

    1.9 tubs of Focus XT (CF) 1.9 tubs of 1Fast400 Leucine 1 Anabeta (open with 112 caps AB and 8 caps ABE) The only trade I'm willing to take is for sealed tubs of very yummy protein
  10. FS: N-Pept, Demiurge, OG Jack3d

    2.5 bottles N-Pept 10 (2 sealed, 1 opened with 49/90 caps) 1 open bottle Demiurge (34 caps) 1 bottle OG Jac3d (sealed fruit punch flavor) Selling via paypal gift. No trades.
  11. Christmas Blowout

    ADMIN EDIT: This is for members to be able to sell 2-3 items ONLY. If you try to set up shop, you will be removed and banned.
  12. Ideal macros & foods for brain function, mental sharpness, etc.

    I'm going to start cutting soon and I've cut with low/no carbs & varying daily carb intakes (like LG setup, etc). I've recently started going back to school at night and I also work a mentally demanding job (at least for me) so I'm trying to find a good balanced diet for my cut. I'm looking at...
  13. WTB DS Lean Xtreme

    I'm looking to buy or trade for DS Lean Xtreme. Let me know if you have any you are willing to part with.
  14. tingling in thumb, index finger, forearm after stretching

    I'm experiencing tingling in my thumb, index finger, and forearm after stretching my arm and shoulder plus the rest of my body on a foam roller. I had my arms outstretched over my head while laying on my back and was letting them feel the stretch. I felt my arm start tingling and thought...
  15. Peptides for healing/fat loss/anti-catabolism...Ipam/CJC 1295...TB-500...Etc...

    Guys I'm thinking about getting some peptides and am trying to make some decisions, but the more I read the more confused I get. I don't want to just jump in on a "guess this will work" type of move. I've been reading some stuff from Datbtrue, but I'm still trying to figure it all out. My...

    AI Raspberry Ketones 1.25 bottles PES Shift 1 bottle USP Labs Jack3d 1 bottle AN Lit-Up 3/4 bottle Sci-Fit Kre-Alkalyn 1500 240 caps Willing to hear all trades and paypal offers $5 shipping on all sales
  17. WTB or WTT for Fadogia Products

    WTB or WTT for Fadogia Products so hit me up if you have some.
  18. New Years 2012 Mustang Giveaway... Who won?

    Title says it all...
  19. Post Surgery Fat Loss - Come Support a Ninja

    Background: Ok guys I'm getting ready to cut again as we come into the summer. I was cutting earlier in the year and managed to get my abs to show for pretty much the first time since I was around 12. I had a decent look going when flexing my abs and was sitting around 9-10% according to...
  20. Pain in forearm, hand, and fingers won't go away

    EDIT: I'm freaking out lol I think I have hypothyroidism!! I'm also a hypochondriac... Problem: I have had on and off pain for the last month or so in my forearm, hand, and fingers. It is mostly my left side that is giving me the constant trouble. I have always had what I considered weak...