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  1. Glockz

    For Sale: AI Sports - Cycle Support (Miscellaneous Products)

    Anabolic Innovation's Cycle Support Chocolate Flavored 60 Servings New - Sealed - Unopened $30 shipped CONUS - PayPal Gift [CLASSIFIED1948]
  2. Glockz

    Glockz pulls the trigger on ProtoMax

    Well I've been researching and researching but have finally made my decision to run ProtoMax for my first PH cycle. This decision was based on my desire for some lean gains while reducing the potential of sides. Thanks to those who performed the recent ProtoMax logs here and the members who...
  3. Glockz

    Protomax Cycle Planning - Feedback Requested

    Guys I've been researching on this forum and other sources for a few months now and think I'm ready for my first PH cycle. I've decided to run Protomax based on some of the recent logs here. This will be a recomp cycle so my diet will stay about the same with additional protein but may need to...