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  1. What to stack with Triazole?

    Looking for something to take Triazole with. I think 4 caps/day is the max dose? I'd take Intimidate SRT but it already has the same extract so probably not a good idea to take them both. Any suggestions?
  2. Expired Inhibit-E still good?

    I have some Inhibit-E that expired on march or May of this year. It's been in my mini-fridge for about a year, can I safely assume it should still be good to use within a month or 2?
  3. Warrior Diet?

    Is anyone doing this? Basically just 1 meal a day, well at night. How do you like it?
  4. Get To Know The iForce Nutrition Team - PuZo

    Name: PuZo, aka Team Canada, aka Team NO HYPE Location: Toronto, Canada Age: 23 Height: 6'2 Weight: ~190lbs Started weightlifting because I wanted to get stronger. I have always been an "endurance" athlete so adding more size would only help. Did very well my first 6 months and then...
  5. Side effects of 10,000mcg of folate?

    If a dietary supplement had, among other things, 10,000mcg of folate, what would be some of the side effects of taking it consistently? I always "hear" the folate supplementation is risky to begin with. but 10,000.... just seems dangerously high?
  6. Myth about fat cells?

    I've heard that you can create fat cells but you can't get rid of them, that you can only shrink them? What's the reality on this? I'm assuming the notion that you can create it but not remove it is a bit ludacris. How would topical fat loss agents work exactly then?
  7. Joint Force - using on swollen ankle?

    I rolled my ankle a few days ago and it's still swollen and slight bruising. I rolled my ankle before so this is nothing new to me, but I'm wondering if it's okay to use Joint Force on it? Should I wait for the swelling to go down? Is Ibuprofen my only real option? Thanks.
  8. Is SP Agmatine really bunk?

    I hear that their Agmatine is bunk? Any truth to this? Should I just stick with SNS?
  9. Dymatize Product Recall

    As you know, product safety is extremely important to Europa Sports Products. In efforts to better serve our customers, Europa Sports Products informs you of the following product recall, Dymatize XPAND XTREME POST. Any product that is in your control should not be sold or distributed and...
  10. If you could formulate a product.. what would it be?

    If you were given the opportunity to formulate a product would you go with a pre-wo? Multi? A state of the art test booster? What ingredients would you use? The best or the cheapest? Prop blend or non-prop blend?
  11. Belated Genomyx Glycemyx review!

    So I kinda derped on getting my Glycemyx which I was supposed to log... Damn customs... Any ways I'll give some brief points over aboutwhat this product has done for me in the pat few weeks that I've been able to use it. Taste: It was hard to drink it with water. It doesn't mix/dissolve as...
  12. Big Bol Stack - TL c-Bol/T-Bol/E-Bol

    Lots for Sale!! Come look! Preferably Canada only, but if you order enough I will ship to the US.
  13. Can I add bulk sarcosine to DAA?

    If I have sarcosine separately, can I just add 3g to 3g of DAA and take it together?