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  1. Lightweight1

    6 week osta cycle w supports for recomp

    Hey guys here's my game plan: 6 week osta cycle @ 12.5 a day Week 4 start Erase and DAA run both for 4 weeks - total of 8 week cycle AI cycle support throughout. Ive ran osta before @ 25mg a day with good results but I did get slightly shutdown so this time i'm staying at 12.5mg Thoughts...
  2. Lightweight1

    Noob HCG question

    So this is the 1st time ill be using HCG. Im on cycle now and want to do 250iu SubQ injects twice a week to keep the testies stimulated while on and make pct easier. Ok so i mix some BA water into the HCG ampule i have then draw it out and put it into a sterile vial. How much more BA water...
  3. Lightweight1

    Test E, Tbol, Proviron, Var, HCG 12 week cycle log w bloods and pics.. enjoy

    Ok guys i'm about to run my first inject cycle. I'm going try to "log" it. I will do the best i can as far as updates. I may slack on updates but ill be putting in work in the gym and kitchen so no worries! :lol: Tomorrow is the scheduled start date. Heres what im running: Cycle Test E 500mg a...
  4. Lightweight1

    1st inject cycle. Need to make sure everything looks good.

    Stats: 28 yoa 6'1 210 Been lifting since 2005ish Goal is a lean bulk, calories will be above maintenance as clean as possible Looking to run my 1st inject and this is what i want to do: I have: Test E- 16 grams NPP- 6 grams Proviron winny anavar tbol Aromasin letro HCG This is what i...
  5. Lightweight1

    Will be out of town, HGH question ?

    Hey guys ive been running HGH 2iu everyday for about 20 days now and am planning on running it for close to a year. Im going out of town for a weekend 3 days. If i stop taking the 2iu for a few days will it matter that much? I could try and bury pre loaded slin pins in my bag and hope its ok at...
  6. Lightweight1

    1st inject cycle. Just brainstorming... Suggestions?

    Im looking to take the plunge into injects for the 1st time. I have experience with ph's, peptides, im and subq injects. I was looking to start with a 12 weeker, maybe something like this: Test E: 500mg a week / 2x a week injects @ 250mg Weeks 1-12 On hand i have these to add in: Phera SD...
  7. Lightweight1

    Anyone feel slightly shut down from Anabeta?

    Just got down running a 4 1/2 week cycle of Anabeta at around 4 caps a day stopped short was going to bridge it until my next cycle. Pumps were great, strength seemed to go up slightly while my weight dropped from around 215 to about 209. Leaned out nicely. The last few weeks I started feeling...
  8. Lightweight1

    Best song for killing it while on?

    Hey guys I thought this would be a fun thread. What song gets you super pumped up while on or off cycle that when it comes on your mp3 player the steel better beware! I know there's a few that do it for me I want to see what gets you guys fired up! This will also help me add some good ones to my...
  9. Lightweight1

    6 Week Osta cycle final results w pics/bloods

    1st set of bloods at 225 pounds around beginning of Feb 2011. My initial goal was to lean bulk with a bola/phera bridge and then cut for the summer after wards. I will use these as my baseline. My bloods came back no good so I had to change the game plan. A pic from end of the summer at 225...
  10. Lightweight1

    Ostarine Bloodwork question..

    Ok guys im finishing off my 6 week osta cycle here in a few days. I will post pre bloods/pics and post bloods/pics when i have all the info. I want to run bloods to see how this has effected my body. How long should I wait to get bloods done or should they be done the day after my last dosage?
  11. Lightweight1

    Ostarine time off?

    Ok Im running Osta for 6 weeks @ 12.5-15mg. The start of week 2 i started Erase and stoked to counter balance any suppressive effects the Osta may have. So in theory hopefully I will come off with my bloods all in order. This might be just wishful thinking though. My question is does the same...
  12. Lightweight1

    Ostarine dosing scheme question?

    Hey guy I'm going to run a 6 week ostarine cycle and was wondering the best time to dose. If i was doing 25mg a day would it be best to break up the dosages like 12.5 in the morning and 12.5 preWO. Whats works best? My cycle will look like this: Ostarine: 25mg,25,25,25,25,25 IGF-1...
  13. Lightweight1

    Need advice and approval for my cycle!!

    Ok guys im looking to run another cycle and want your opinions. My 1st set of bloodwork came back a little off on the lipids. Here is the 1st set of bloods: WBC 6.6 4.0-10.5 RBC 5.08 4.10-5.60 Hemoglobin 16.2 12.5-17.0 Hematocrit 49.4 36.0-50.0 MCV 97 80-98 MCH 31.9 27.0-34.0 MCHC 32.8...
  14. Lightweight1

    Does Inhibit E effects the lipids?

    I read that Erase does not effect the lipids and was wondering if Inhibit E does? I need to lower my estrogen slightly without effecting my lipids. Anyone know?
  15. Lightweight1

    Where's the blizzard sale?

    I've been trapped in the house all day due to this blizzard, been online and bored. Where's some Blizzard specials!!!!
  16. Lightweight1

    Need advice on what to take

    I was planning a bola/phera bridge in the next week or so however got the results of my blood work and will have to postpone the cycle until i correct some lipid issues. My bloodwork showed my estrogen level on the high end still in normal range. My test was in the middle range. I want to...
  17. Lightweight1

    Bloodwork results...what does it mean?

    Ok guys just got the results of my bloodwork. I could not get the pdf reader to copy and paste the whole test so i just posted those that were flagged or on the high side, as well as hormone levels. Should I be concerned about the results? I was planning a bola/phera bridge next week. Opinions...
  18. Lightweight1

    Bloodwork fasting question

    I'm going in for some bloodwork tomorrow to see if I'm good to go for my boladrol cycle. I know your supposed to fast for 10-12 hours for lipids and only drink water. I was wondering if I took some bcaa's before bed and in the morning to help prevent muscle wasting if that would effect the test...
  19. Lightweight1

    Lightweight1's plateau destroying cycle...

    Need AM's approval for plateau destroying cycle...all advice welcome Ok guys im looking to run another cycle and want your opinions. This is all pending my bloodwork comes back in the clear and will have it run before any cycle begins. Overall goal is strength and muscle gain, not concerned...
  20. Lightweight1

    MGF dosing

    Ok guys i just ordered up some MGF and I was wondering what the typical dosage is? (200mcgs?). How much is recommended when running it with igf-1 lr3? This is what I was thinking for frequency: Igf-1 lr3 20mcg bilaterally PreWO in muscle trained. (This has felt like the best way to run it IMO)...