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  1. USA WTB list

    Mechabol and/or halodrol
  2. USA WTS: Clearing out lots - Supports, Natty items, Others

    Pm list please
  3. USA Hard Rock and Fusion Supplements 5 bottles

    List please
  4. USA Extras. Need to go!

    list please
  5. Help with Gyno Lump regarding AI

    That's awesome Ricky. I've had various flare ups during a few cycles where I'd get itchy, sensitive nipples, but always got it under control really fast.
  6. Help with Gyno Lump regarding AI

    Oh ya I definitely need to back off to where my e2 levels are back to the low normal range at least. I'll look into ralox and the topical you mentioned. I don't have any experience with either.
  7. Help with Gyno Lump regarding AI

    I'm not sure I'd apply that blanket statement to everyone not knowing their background, their cycle info, etc, but I'm 100% in agreement as far as all future cycles go for me. Not gonna play the waiting game and then have to play catch up. I'll probably start with 12.5mg Aromasin eod or ed in...
  8. Help with Gyno Lump regarding AI

    I'm 6 weeks into test e @ 375 and eq @ 500. Started the cycle off by front loading a bit of each that was left from a while back. I usually don't start my AI until I feel itchy nips, etc. This time with the front load I guess it was too much and even though I easily got my itchy nips to go away...
  9. USA WTB OL Endurashred

    WTB OL Endurashred PM me
  10. USA FS "old" Olympus labs product

    PM Sent
  11. Pes Alphamine, fat burns, or energy drink?

    Got the email about buying the "tastier than ever" Alphamine at 30% off. Was happy to try it then I realized they butchered it to hell and now I'm done with it. Was my only go to fat loss product since it came out. Goodbye old friend. Very uncool to change the entire product and keep the name...
  12. USA WTS/WTT: 5 tubs of PES Select Peanut Butter Cup

    Not really sure what I'm looking for. Just wanted to see some options and know I want to trade the protein for sure. Not looking for anymore protein powder though for sure.
  13. USA WTS/WTT: 5 tubs of PES Select Peanut Butter Cup

  14. USA WTS/WTT: 5 tubs of PES Select Peanut Butter Cup

    WTT: 5 tubs of PES Select Peanut Butter Cup Sealed, exp. 1/17 Send me a list of trades if you have one
  15. Next PES Insider Deal???

    I just ordered 6 tubs. I sure hope this one doesn't taste like coffee...
  16. Chipolte, How Many Calories Do People Really Eat?

    I eat Chipotle a lot. I really like the taste and the quality of food vs anything that fits a somewhat fast food place. It's miles better than Subway. If people just used a calorie calculator app or even went onto Chipotle's website they could use their calculator and figure out what they should...
  17. Gaming

    Yes for me it's a big thumbs up.
  18. Gaming

    It's definitely fun as Hell. We can run around together killing crazy amounts of zombies, but can get over run at night when the baddest zombies are around in big numbers. Sometimes nobody dies and sometimes we all die.
  19. Gaming

    There were some disconnection issues in multiplayer for Dying Light, but they've been fixed with a patch. Idk if they fixed the inventory problem you mentioned, but between the 3 of us that play together we haven't had that problem.