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  1. Big BAMA

    what supps to take to get jacked like mike the situation?

    He's working for Muscle Tech?
  2. Big BAMA

    AM I Need Your Help

    #3 above all.
  3. Big BAMA

    Dealing with Superdrol sides

    Potassium Gluconate, and Taurine. I know you have up'ed the taurine but use the potassium too. I also use cycle support and it does well for me. Unfortunately, Back Piumps are a bummer that comes with Superduperdrol.
  4. Big BAMA

    Best NO product you have used.

    Test E, 500mgs
  5. Big BAMA

    what supps to take to get jacked like mike the situation?

    I wouldn't date a girl who would go out with that douche, No telling where its been or what it has. He is a waste of airspace.
  6. Big BAMA

    animal stak and pak

    uh isn't that like just Vitamins and a preworkout?
  7. Big BAMA

    what supps to take to get jacked like mike the situation?

    I saw this and said " No way, this guy has to be kidding.". apparently not. So to answer your question. Dp nothing but abs and Bicep curls all day long, drink all night get no rest and be a DOUCHE, also get a cheese azz jersey accent and hit yourself in the head with a brick a few times so you...
  8. Big BAMA

    19 year old baseball player

    NO ROIDS FOR YOU, THE ROID NAZI HAS SPOKEN!!!!!!!!!!! Sorry kid you are toooooooooo young and going "natural" riht now is your best bet. Diet, Water, Exercise, and rest. Stay away from anything and everything steroidal.
  9. Big BAMA

    dhea user question

    DHEA is candy.
  10. Big BAMA

    Injection site soreness.

    Thanks for the advice.
  11. Big BAMA

    Injection site soreness.

    I have pinned before and it was fine the first two days, but today hurts.
  12. Big BAMA

    Injection site soreness.

    I shot my first Test E on Monday and had to use a 21g needle took forever and now on Thursday my injection site is sore as all get out. I have done heating pads, rubbing/massage and it still feels like someone frogged me in my butt cheek. I wish the soreness would go away. It is not swollen or...
  13. Big BAMA

    Supp'ing While Deployed, input?

    I ran a two cycles while I was deployed to Afghanistan last year, Havoc for one and Epistane for the other. Make sure you keep hydrated. Iraq and Afghanistan suck and you know that. Be careful and STAY SAFE.
  14. Big BAMA

    Pre/during workout that doesn't make you crap your guts out?

    jack3d, I never get the sheyats with it.
  15. Big BAMA

    How to avoid getting?

    You need the "STRAP".
  16. Big BAMA

    Lookin for a little advice

    Then here is what I would suggest. For right now get your diet in line, get a good workout regiment, stick to protein, creatine and FOOD. then in a few months of doing this and seeing what it entails maybe then going with the Deisel. It is an outstanding product, I highly recommend all of his...
  17. Big BAMA

    recover pro/ L-glutamine POWDERS

    I remember a BIG debate on here about L-glutamine, It went for days. they had pro's and con's on its use and weither or not it worked. I have used it, I didn't noice too much and I used anywhere fromm 5g to 10g daily
  18. Big BAMA

    Dextrose + Maltodextrin PWO?

    it will work but I do waxymaize, whey, creatine. The sugar may bind to the protein and dextrose is a sugar and so is maltodextrin. I can see the insulin spike but it is better if you use Creatine with it for the insulin spike and then a while later have some protein.
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    Win Free Controlled Labs Products

    MDS- Milf doing squats DUMB- Dumbass using my bench oh and first.
  20. Big BAMA

    Lookin for a little advice

    Need a little more info, How old are you and what are your goals?