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    Incline Presses

    Reverse grip bb ftw!
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    Article: Holiday Foods To Avoid

    What decade was this dredged up from?
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    Article: Is "If It Fits Your Macros" Nonsense?

    Most of the IIFYM followers that I know, myself included, look at the diet as a whole which includes micro nutrition and fiber. My day consists of fruits, veggies, lean meats, nuts, seeds, eggs and other nutrient dense choices. At the end of the day, if I have met my goals levels of vitamins...
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    Article: Low Carb Protein Brownie Recipe

    Those of us with a food scale who want accurate measurements. :)
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    Alphamine , love it!

    OP, I am confused. You say "not nearly as rough on me as an ECA stack" but you added ephedrine to a product containing caffeine. Not sure where you are seeing a real difference. Current stack would seem even harsher than your basic ECA.
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    2013 USPlabs Rep Draft! // NEW Product Educator Selection(s)!

    Got my tub of Micro today, thanks USP! Lemon tastes awesome! Not to see how the Versa-1 treats me :)
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    2013 USPlabs Rep Draft! // NEW Product Educator Selection(s)!

    Great choices! Congrats to the well deserved new members of the family! :)
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    Article: Making Dieting Easier

    Very good article.
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    2013 USPlabs Rep Draft! // NEW Product Educator Selection(s)!

    Reposting from last go around! Are you over 18 Years of age? Yes How long have you been on 7 years. Current log: Have multiple older more detailed as well using USPLabs products. What is your...
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    Article: Fenugreek For Fat Loss

    Glycobol FTW! :)
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    Article: Paleo Diet Shopping List

    Paleo = broscience. Overly restrictive for no scientific reason.
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    Article: Build Your Own Junkyard Gym

    I have a 300lb tire in my backyard. Flip it 600 times in an hour :) Great cardio
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    The protein myth

    I love how people always point to the exceptions, lol. Generalizations are "generally" true and will usually never apply to 100% of a given group.
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    The protein myth

    Gotta love the interwebs. When people start spouting this nonsense in person a nice punch to the throat shuts them right the **** up. I have never met a vegan, pseudoscience spouting douchbag that was anywhere near as healthy and strong as this meat eater. ****ing pasty little pvssies every last...
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    Article: Beginners Guide To Paleo Diets

    Exercise is not needed for weight loss, a caloric deficit is. You can lose weight on Paleo sure but you can also lose weight on fast food and donuts if you eat less than you burn. Paleo is an overly restrictive diet with no real science backing it. No reason to stop eating grains, dairy or...
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    First Test Cutting Cycle help

    Never understood why a wet compound or bloat matters one bit when cutting save the mental aspect of thinking you don't look dry and hard so you must not be losing fat. Test is great on a cut especially if you are doing cardio where substances like Masteron or Tren can make that next to...
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    Taking Acetaminophen While Using Methylated PH's HAzardous?

    This really belongs in advanced discussion?
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    issues while ON

    I would lower the AI as suggested and drop the oral completely. You will grow just fine on a gram of injectables.
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    Article: Viagra Turns White Fat Brown

    Even if it does nothing for fatloss, it is still the best PWO pump supp :)
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    Article: Recovery Nutrition Needs

    Oh poppycock