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  1. Hank Vangut

    1 Killer Shirt & 3 Bottles of Tritine -- nearly $35 OFF!!!

    Trinitine Promo Kit (3 Units + FREE Omega Sports Shirt) Regular Price: $89.85 SALE PRICE: $54.99! Buy Together and SAVE!!! Each promo kit includes the following: * 3X Trinitine * 1X Free Omega Sports T-Shirt Trinitine: The Greatest Creatine Advancement in History View the full...
  2. Hank Vangut

    Controlled Stack SALE......$39.99

    Controlled Stack (White Flood 305 g + Green Magnitude 418 g) Buy Together and SAVE!!! Each Stack includes 1 of the following: * White Flood (305 grams) Lemonade * Green Magnitude (418 grams) Green Apple White Flood: FLOOD your system for PEAK performance! White Flood is a...
  3. Hank Vangut

    Shredded Summer Stack -- ON SALE!

    Shredded Summer Stack (1 DCP + 1 Lean Xtreme).......ON SALE FOR ONLY $54.99!!! Buy Together and SAVE!!! DCP: Damage Control Protocol Ingredients Profile: * TTA * Salvia Miltiorrhiza * Propionyl-L-Carnitine * Potassium Pyruvate * Raspberry Ketones VERY Basically...
  4. Hank Vangut

    Disabling the Gene that turns Carbs into Fat

    Mice With Disabled Gene That Helps Turn Carbs Into Fat Stay Lean Despite Feasting On High-carb Diet ScienceDaily (Mar. 23, 2009) — Researchers at the University of California, Berkeley, have identified a gene that plays a critical regulatory role in the process of converting dietary...
  5. Hank Vangut

    NutraPlanet newsletter gives out a 7% discount code!!!

    A dicsount code was emailed to all our Nutraplanet Newsletter subscribers. Superb savings!! If you don't get our newsletter and wish to -- sign into your 'My Account settings' on the nutraplanet site. then click on 'Newsletter Subscription Settings' to add the newsletter delivery. :)
  6. Hank Vangut

    Two Good Deals from Melinneum Sports

    Two Good Deals from Millennium Sports GHSR Stack (1 Somnidren-GH + 1 ZMK).......only $38.99! .....and CRE-02 & Cordygen5 Stack....only $42.95
  7. Hank Vangut

    Attack of the Clones Hormone SALE!!!

    some new quality lab verified clones out so take advantage of the introductory sale! HD-2 (60 capsules).....on sale for only $24.99 SD-1 (90 capsules).....on sale for only $24.95!!!
  8. Hank Vangut

    NO Shotgun/Synthesize Promo Kit

    BUY TOGETHER AND SAVE!! FOR A LIMITED TIME ONLY OR WHILE SUPPLIES LAST! Each Promo Kit includes each of the following: * 1 No Shotgun * 1 No Synthesize * 1 FREE VPX Gym Bag * 2 FREE Bang RTDs * 1 Free VPX T-Shirt The Shotgun Approach To Lean Muscle Nitric Oxide Support...
  9. Hank Vangut

    Superbolan 20 is on SuperSALE!!!

    Superbolan 20 (60 Tablets) For Only $15.99!!! Maximum Hypertrophic Complex-The Ultimate Mass Building Agent! Superhuman strength and granite-like density are the benefits of this legendary supplement. Fashioned after the best selling prohormone of all time (Superdrol) Superbolan is sure to...
  10. Hank Vangut

    Hello again T-Rez & TNT!

    T-Rez and TNT are back in stock. enjoy the free shipping for a few more days everyone!!! :woohoo:
  11. Hank Vangut

    ...make sure to add this to your X-Mas list

    a great stocking stuffer: Gift Certificate ($25) By: NutraPlanet Give the gift of Health with NutraPlanet Gift Certificates. Perfect for any occasion! Simply add to cart with the appropriate quantities of choice and checkout as normal. Select shipping option (note: shipping charge will be...
  12. Hank Vangut

    Hank has Purple Drank from LG; BC+EAA super amino beverage i'll be consuming pre-wo.

    alright fellas, thanks to LG Sciences, i got my BC+EAA. i'm going to log this, although after the initial flavor review, not sure how much there is to report on a BCAA/EAA product, so i'll do my best to keep this interesting. for comparitive purposes i've used: Core ABC, Xtend, and Purple...
  13. Hank Vangut

    TNT™ is back in stock!!!

    the last run sold out lighting fast. however, it's finally back in stock today! TNT Stackâ„¢ (Testosterone Complex) By: NutraPlanet fyi....the T-Rez has been reforumulated to include Bioperine (95% - 98% Piperine)† 5 mg for better absorbtion.
  14. Hank Vangut

    Zap & Balls are on Sale

    AJT Nutrition Protein Recover Balls now $17.95 Delicious Natural Peanut Butter Snack! New & Improved Formula & Flavor! Tired of chalky, tasteless, and expensive protein bars that are made with added sugars and preservatives? Instead of trying to force down an entire protein bar all at once...
  15. Hank Vangut

    Anabolic Edge for only $34.95!!!

    i hope you all noticed the great price we are running on Palo Alto's Anabolic Edge! It is $25 off! Anabolic Edge (120 tablets) By: Palo Alto Labs Anabolic Edge by Palo Alto Labs Let’s face it. Your body hates extra muscle. While muscle is required for function, mobility, strength, and...
  16. Hank Vangut

    Nice graphics on the MP ads

    it looks awesome! you guys have a quality graphic designer.
  17. Hank Vangut


    TNT™ - THE GODFATHER OF T-BOOSTERS!!!!!! that's right i'm going to log this beast.......Hank style!!! package arrived today. log starts now! stats, workout details, diet.....will be posted soon!
  18. Hank Vangut

    LG Sciences New T-911; Hank's beta test.

    LG Sciences is testing two new products out on some of us human guinea pigs. i happen to be one of them that gets to try the new T-911 Test Booster product. Thanks LG and 3clipse for selecting me to try this out before it hits the market! will be taking 2 per day spread out in the am and pm...
  19. Hank Vangut

    Napalm getting restocked

    i had a couple of pm asking when Napalm would be restocked. NP placed an order with Avant last week, so hopefully it will be back in stock any day now.
  20. Hank Vangut

    $20 discount on NO Xplode

    i hope this great offer isn't getting overlooked..... BSN NO Xplode is only $29.95 while supplies last: NO Xplode (40 servings) By: BSN and a $40 discount on larger (60 serving) size: NO Xplode 2.7 lb (60 servings) By: BSN