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  1. Alpha Dog

    Gym Etiquette - Gym Laws

    Karategirl already started a great thread, echoing many of my everyday gym peeves. So, I’m looking for idea’s to add to the Gym Laws on Toweldogz. So, what is it about people’s behavior in the gym that bothers you most?
  2. Alpha Dog

    Could coffee decrease steroid induced liver cirhossis?

    It appears to hold promise for alchohol induced liver cirhossis. Could the same follow for steroid induced damage? Drinking coffee cuts alcohol's harmful effects - More Health News -
  3. Alpha Dog

    A better way to take R-ALA?

    I noticed Geronova (the patent holders of k-rala) are now selling an r-ala product dissolved in a medium chain triglyceride oil. The theory being that MCT’s increase both the bioavailibity of r-ala significantly (by bypassing the GI system) and sustain blood plasma levels...
  4. Alpha Dog

    More Powerfull bloodwork

    Just had blood drawn this morning. I was hoping to get into the lab earlier this week, but just got busy. I am 16 days into Powerfull at six caps for the first week and eight caps from that point on. It has been more than six weeks off from any AI’s, SERM’s, etc. Tests will be for liver...
  5. Alpha Dog

    Power Jolt & Sulbutiamine

    I know this is similar to what was asked in the supps section, but does the version of Power Jolt you cary contain Sulbutiamine? I can't find any posted label info.
  6. Alpha Dog

    Filler in K-R-ALA?

    Stryder, is there any filler in your bulk K-R-ALA? I ask because after lots of pestering Mike Mc, it was finally determined that his bulk K-R-ALA (from Gernova) was 50% filler. Thanks, bow
  7. Alpha Dog


    Which would be the stronger anti-progesterone. Max LMG, Prostanazol or something else?
  8. Alpha Dog

    To start or to finish with a Methyl

    I see quite a few people running stacks that are starting with a methyl and that are ending with something that is non-methylated; perhaps stacked with an injectable or transdermal. I question this logic from a health standpoint, especially concerning lipid profiles. Why start with something...
  9. Alpha Dog

    bows PCT W/ Clen Alternative Beta

    I just began PCT yesterday for a four week cycle. I ran a 1-test/4-ad transdermal throughout and sd for the first two weeks and then Max LMG for the second two weeks. I had volunteered to be a beta tester for the new clen alternative but told Raven I would be running it during the first few...
  10. Alpha Dog

    Formestane & Impact Ultra

    Impact Ultra does seem to be a unique product. Given the mix of Phosphatidylserine and acetate ester versions of 7alpha-Hydroxy-DHEA and 7beta-Hydroxy-DHEA, it should be great for keeping corisol in check PCT. However, my question is in regards to the inclusion of formestane for estrogen...
  11. Alpha Dog

    ATD and site-specific androgen receptor agonists

    Can certain aramotase inhibitors demonstrate a higher affinity for the AR in the hypothalamus as compared to the AR peripherally? If you could get a substance to show a higher affinity to the AR than T centrally, but then allow T to preferentially bind in the rest of the body, the effects could...
  12. Alpha Dog

    I’ve got to get this off my chest

    There seems to be an influx of threads of late relating to people under the age of 21 taking anabolics or equally insane, people will minimal training experience (especially those people under the age of 30) taking ph’s or steroids to improve gains. I know this has all been pointed out before...
  13. Alpha Dog

    bows PCT cycle

    I am a human yo-yo. I prefer short cycles for a number of reasons, not the least of which is the relative simplicity of the PCT regimen and the decreased long term implications on natural hormone production. Still, I typically take ten steps foreword and eight steps back from the conclusion...
  14. Alpha Dog


    I just noticed that the CEM store has USP DMSO. You should be able to run much higher concentrations in your tranderamal homebrew without the bad breath or skin irritation problems with 99% DMSO.
  15. Alpha Dog

    Tren and Lung Damage

    Apparently Tren is being recently attributed to a death from serious scarring of the lungs. Any thoughts? Have there been any studies done showing a link between tren and lung damage?
  16. Alpha Dog

    Tren + Test Prop

    What would be a good ratio of BA/BB and the proper concentration for relatively painless Tren + Test Prop combo.
  17. Alpha Dog

    Do not call/e-mail/mail govt listing

    As you may have heard the feds have set up a web site where you can register phone numbers to be put on a do not call list for telemarketers (~80% of them, n.i. the charites, etc.). The list will become effective in October. Do not include cell phone #'s as they are already banned (due to the...
  18. Alpha Dog


    I have always been somewhat of a believer in Ribose unit recently. The clinical data pretty much disproves it as an aid in anerobic capacity. What's interesting is one of the studies is from John Berardi himself, contributor to t-rag (the manufacturer of Ribose-C). :p Effects of ribose...
  19. Alpha Dog

    A Godsend for all us hairy bastards

    The product is called Jan Tana Hair Remover. I read about it over at CEM. It actually works on well insulated furballs like myself. I applied this morning and let sit for 15 minutes. I then showered and the hair came right off with a mesh sponge. This is a hell of a lot easier than shaving...
  20. Alpha Dog

    3-Alpha Transdermal

    The price on bulk 3-alpha powder is now down to $5/gram. Now that the price is in line with other hormones (such as 1-test), I was considering adding it to my 1-test/TNE transdermal. Bill Llewellyn had stated that 3-alpha’s bioavailability is probably very low. I have read a few testimonials...