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  1. Glockz

    Optimal Dosage for Formeron

    I had good results at 2 pumps a day. I definitely leaned/dried out...exactly what I was looking for.
  2. Glockz

    Lean-Cut sponsored log

    I'm in.
  3. Glockz

    Thatguys Logging lean-cut

    I'm in.....looks like you have everything order. Hope Lean-Cut does it job! Kill it man!
  4. Glockz

    FL3Xing, FOCUSing, getting LEAN-CUT

    Hey is Lean-Cuts treating you?
  5. Glockz

    FL3Xing, FOCUSing, getting LEAN-CUT

    Not sure if you're asking me but yes I'm wanting to see what the effect is. I'm looking to start a mild cut then next couple weeks and thinking of giving Lean-Cut a go.
  6. Glockz

    FL3Xing, FOCUSing, getting LEAN-CUT

    I'm in.....very interested in seeing how Lean-Cut treats you.
  7. Glockz

    legit superdrol clone?

    LGI's SD-10 is legit
  8. Glockz

    Shoes at the Gym

    Five Fingers
  9. Glockz

    Hi-Point firearms

    +1 good info right there!
  10. Glockz

    Thick Biceps

    Hammer Curls have worked for me.
  11. Glockz

    Your thoughts on Torem

    I've used Torem and Nolva and didn't really notice any difference between them. Recovery is quick with both (noticed initial recovery in a week) and luckily no sides from either.
  12. Glockz

    Suggest a good multi vit supp

    +1 Orange Triad FTW!
  13. Glockz

    More FREE Ultradrol - Just guess the #!!!

    672 673 674
  14. Glockz

    More FREE Ultradrol - Just guess the #!!!

    19 99 219
  15. Glockz

    best non-caffienated, non-stimulating, weightloss supplement? suggestions?

    +1 I've had very good results with DS Lean Xtreme as well.
  16. Glockz

    lean xtreme dose timing

    Good advice right there! I have strange hours as well but it's best to start LX when you wake and follow the dosing as Stang recommended. LX is a good should enjoy the run!
  17. Glockz

    LMD's peer pressured Ultradrol log!!

    Very curious about UD....I'm in!
  18. Glockz

    Review: White Flood (V2): White Raspberry

    I'm in for this one! Been wanting to give WF a try.....not crazy about the cracked out feeling from some of the other PWO's I've tried.
  19. Glockz

    Ultradrol BIATCHES!!!! (not sponsored!)

    I'm in for this!! sub'd
  20. Glockz

    Site Updates!

    Nice....looks like AM will continue to be the place to be!!