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  1. what combo of AIs in my inventory would you use to combat nip sens.

  2. what combo of AIs in my inventory would you use to combat nip sens.

    Hey guys im in an interesting situation, and done some research but my question was of all the AI's and serms I have in my current savings. What would you use and why? I started max lmg about 5 weeks ago and strongly believe it was bunk, as I picked them out later then sooner if you know what...
  3. Drug test need help now

    Aggressive in what way? Aggressive towards hitting the weights hard or aggressive in acting out of control and fighting people? You can put as many grams of test through my body as you want and I will not harm anyone from it if I'm not a piece of ****. That's cuz ultimately I'm in control of my...
  4. Experts Help Needed On Current Aas Issues

    your totally right Jeremy. It is getting almost absent 100 percent and I hit light legs the other day and def. felt it when I was doing hack squats when I hit around the 90 degree point. I sware also its down in size a bit in respect to the other one when not pumped now that its not still...
  5. Drug test need help now

    how in the hell did Ronnie coleman work for the Arlington police force while being the biggest creature on the planet. Like that to me is too tough to ignore when his job is to arrest people for using and selling gear but he's using and buying gear himself? Makes literally no sense how much of a...
  6. Experts Help Needed On Current Aas Issues

    And when I say compounds I can only refer to oral ph's cuz I've never done any injectable. First time
  7. Experts Help Needed On Current Aas Issues

    Awesome thanks guys. Shot 4 and 5 have been like only a 2 out of 10 on the soreness meter so it's getting Way better! Also I usually feel like I can feel compounds quicker than most people but I'm sure a lot of it is just in my head. What's the soonest I may start to feel a long Ester like cyp...
  8. Experts Help Needed On Current Aas Issues

    it was definitely hot to the touch for like 5 days post injection. Id like to think it was more inflammation that infection but I guess those have to go hand in hand? and in the pic where you see the red dot isn't that awfully a big dot for a 22 gauge needle? my other injections I almost cant...
  9. Experts Help Needed On Current Aas Issues

    Awesome pics thanks man. And look again at the pic I posted cuz the red mark on the side is the actual point of injection. I flexed before to double check I was hitting the outer sweep and I don't think I hit a nerve at the time of injection it was just more constant pain as I had to push in and...
  10. Experts Help Needed On Current Aas Issues

    for sure brother I appreciate you tagging them for me.. and you could be right hopefully on just the nerve part cuz the injection of the quad at the time of pin wasn't to pleasant itself but nothing of course like what happened from it days later.
  11. Experts Help Needed On Current Aas Issues

    my legs aren't usually Near as small and undefined as this pic makes them look but the inflammation sure makes them look like that.
  12. Experts Help Needed On Current Aas Issues

  13. Experts Help Needed On Current Aas Issues

    Hey guys I will try my best to make this as short and painless as possible for you guys to hopefully be able to chime in as I am really in need of some help. Quick background, im 27 and after a good 4 or 5 ph cycles over the last many years I decided to cross over now which I was never opposed...
  14. Wrathchild's Recomp - SD/Halo/Tvar (pics)

    not to self: chest day yesterday hit 4 plates each side on incline hammer strength for 8 reps and final set dropsetted one plate each set for 8/8/8/10
  15. Wrathchild's Recomp - SD/Halo/Tvar (pics)

    Day 20: Weight 210 (+8) So i just bumped up the tren to 95mg ED and the form of tren i used was rizen from SL which has epi in it. Im dropping the halo because there was a strong chance it was a bunk but i knew that before i started this cycle. So i have about 10 more days on the superdrol...
  16. Questions halo/tren ????

    im currently on day 12 of tvar with it looking like this 60/75/90/90/90 I think 5-6 weeks is much better than 4
  17. Wrathchild's Recomp - SD/Halo/Tvar (pics)

    day 15: Had a good back and bi workout. hit 5x5 on heavy deads last set i got 365x5 not a pr but not the worst. Also hit weighted close overhand grip pullups 4x6 last set was with 50lbs and did a dropset with no weight. 2 more days and i will be upping the tren to 90. Im at the half way point...
  18. Wrathchild's Recomp - SD/Halo/Tvar (pics)

    Day 12 - Weight- 206(+4) I would say that yesterday was the first day that i really felt anything. The halo i wouldnt expect to feel this soon and the Tvar im only on day 9 because i threw it in a few days late and plan to only run for 5 weeks. So its safe to say im feeling the sd and and...
  19. Wrathchild's Recomp - SD/Halo/Tvar (pics)

    Day 1: So basically guys i started this thread ten days after getting started. I will skip to the current day im on and start logging from there.
  20. Wrathchild's Recomp - SD/Halo/Tvar (pics)

    Hey guys im starting up this log for a recomp. I may end up doing a physique show in may but my primary focus will still be football. I play competitively and the recomp would work nice for either of my goals. This is my second ph cycle. In october i ran dmz/lmg for a solid bulk and im now...