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  1. Aaron.Cole

    USA WTT/WTS Unopened AminoLift+ & Opened Alphamine

    AminoLift+ is Fruit Punch. Still sealed. Alphamine is margarita. I've used maybe 20-25 servings. As you can see, it's clumpy. Not from dumping any water--I think it might've been the heat? I had it in my car and it gets hot here in the Midwest. PM me if you're interested. Looking for a pre-workout.
  2. Aaron.Cole

    Neat Behind-the-scenes Video

    The Truth Behind Hi-tech Pharmaceuticals with Jared Wheat
  3. Aaron.Cole

    AC's Recomp with Controlled Labs' Red Ghost & HealthIQ (Sponsored)

    Big thanks to Controlled Labs and Sean1332 for these two products. A little about the run: I recently finished PCT after my 1-Andro cycle (LG). Was in the process of bulking up before 1-Andro and used that to finish my bulk. Halfway through PCT, I began slowly decreasing calories to prepare...
  4. Aaron.Cole

    Deep Tissue Massage Therapy and Plateaus

    Last week, I got a deep tissue massage in my back, traps, arms, and chest. Felt awesome. Next day, I felt loads stronger and even went up a couple of maxes. Anyone else find DTT helpful for breaking through plateaus? The science behind it makes sense.
  5. Aaron.Cole

    Anyone remember Fizogen?

    Ran across this beauty: Last line gave me a chuckle. The only thing I remember about them is that their blitz cycle apparently got you huge and they made a belt to give you abs.
  6. Aaron.Cole

    Maximum Pump

    I couldn't find any reviews on AM. Taste thoughts? I saw it's a prop profile. Single dosing good enough, or has anyone doubled up? Any new flavors lined up for the future? Obviously, there might be some biases posting in the IML thread, but I'm sure at the very least you guys are the ones...
  7. Aaron.Cole

    The Disappointing Truth

    So, yes, I know I shouldn't have. But I did. I bought the Six Star Pre-workout that Wal-Mart sells. Now, before you get your clomid in a wad, let me explain. I had a nice BCAA intra that was running low, got tired of the taste, and decided to throw some creatine nitrate in and mix it around...
  8. Aaron.Cole

    James Patterson

    Anyone read/reading any of his books? I had read Maximum Ride back in high school and remember thinking it was just all right. I'm taking his Masterclass and am on the second of his Murder Mystery Club series. Not the greatest writing in the world, but certainly captivating. Cool ideas, too.
  9. Aaron.Cole

    Any Chance of Seeing Signatures On...

    The app? I don't often use my browser for AM and it'd be nice to be able to see others' signatures. Unless there's an in-app feature I completely missed...
  10. Aaron.Cole

    Aaron Gets Inducted with LG Science's 1-Andro

    Super excited about this opportunity. Much thanks to Vaughn and the people at LGS. I'll be running it as follows: 1-Andro 200/200/200/200 (4 days strength, 1 day stretch/yoga, 2 days rest) Finaflex Max Pump pre (compliments of RegisterJr) Creatine Nitrate 3g pre R1 Train Intra 5g...
  11. Aaron.Cole

    HumaPro Review (non-sponsored)

    I received a couple of HumaPro samples in the mail today. Just reviewing for mixability, smell, and taste. ALRI's HumaPro boasts one serving of HumaPro being the whole food protein equivalent of 25g averaged, with only 0.02 calories per serving. HumaPro is also free of gluten, soy, sugar, and...
  12. Aaron.Cole

    An Awesome and Delicious "Dirty" Bulk Shake

    So, I'm poor. And with being poor comes the decision of which supplements to buy, exactly. Do I spend $40 on a 10 day supply of bulking shake? Well, I just went all "Mad Scientist" and made a freaking delicious bulking shake. And you can, too. I'll post pics of the labels, and then the total...
  13. Aaron.Cole

    Bruised Rib

    Quick question: The other day I bruised a rib (weird story; basically, walking downstairs in socks holding my baby girl, slipped, and hit my back. My daughter was totally fine because I was holding her good, but did smack my back on the edge of a step) and was wondering if it's still fine to do...
  14. Aaron.Cole

    ON Amino Energy Café Flavors

    I was wondering if anyone has tried any of the coffee flavored mixes from ON for their Amino Energy. The flavors are: Iced Cafe Vanilla, Iced Mocha Cappuccino, Iced Chai Tea Latte and Iced Caramel Macchiato. It sounds like a cool concept. I just feel like it could be either a total win or a...
  15. Aaron.Cole

    Aaron's New Journey (log)

    Hey all! It's been a VERY long time since I was last on AM (so long, in fact, I forgot my login, got married, and had a little girl). I'm starting this Journey here on the forums for accountability, encouragement, and (just maybe) a bit of inspiration. A bit about myself: I'm 25. Been working...