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  1. moklepaul

    Canada customs seized my NY order!

    [194021] Just wanted to vent and cry in public. After 3 weeks of no delivery, I call FedEx to see what's up. They say the package cleared customs and was scanned in locally but no record after that, they'll call me back... :wtf: they call back a few days later and inform me Canada customs...
  2. moklepaul

    moklepaul's Needtobuildmuscle Contest Log. NeedToBuildMuscle & MrSupps FTW

    I need a butt kick, and competition is always good for that! Starting stats Age: 25 Height: 6'0" Weight: 190 Lbs (with prior written approval in the main thread from NTBM, products are being shipped and I will retake pics with products when they arrive. Thanks for the leeway!) I won't be...
  3. moklepaul

    1-Test and 'Penetrate'

    I just found a bottle of 1-Testosterone and NP's "Penetrate" that was already mixed, stored, sealed, room temperature. I remember mixing them about 2 years ago, powder would have been sitting sealed for 2 years prior. Throw away?
  4. moklepaul

    "Donations" to Customs should be tax deductable!

    :rant: Of course I'm not being serious... it's my own risk for shipping supplements across the border. But it's still frustrating! There must be some jacked dudes in Customs though haha...
  5. moklepaul


    Hey, had some ZMK in my cart, but it sold out before I checked out. Should I just order it anyways or do you predict a sizeable wait time for more stock?
  6. moklepaul

    Advice for a coworker, extreme ectomorph

    I've tried to teach him, but either he's simply not following my advice or he's a freak. Anyways, he basically wants someone to explain in black and white what to eat and when. He's 6'3", between 160 and 170 Lbs. You can pretty much see his ribs, he's very skinny. Our job is quite physical...
  7. moklepaul

    High dose Matrix review

    Tried my sample yesterday, quite interesting. IBE said he wanted a variety of test environments. Yesterday was an off day for me in the gym, but still a work day. At work I do a lot of heavy lifting, which turns into an endurance test after a few hours :) I was running very low on sleep too...
  8. moklepaul

    X-Force: bananas! Monkies review...

    Thanks again to IBE for the sample :) Took the two caps yesterday before work. I was going on 4 hours of sleep, and had a very long and hard day infront of me. Within an hour of dosing, I could feel it kick in. I have a *very* high tolerance to stims, so I was happy to see two caps do this...
  9. moklepaul

    I'm alive :D

    Hey everyone, monkie's back :jaw: Went offline when my computer crashed a month ago, looks like I have some catching up to do. Productivity went up though, I've made great progress with my training. Anyhoo, just sayin... see ya around
  10. moklepaul

    Anybody want a Moola invite?

    I have some to give out if you're interested... <--- you play flash games against other people to win money, they give you starting money, it never costs anything. (if you lose it all they give you more) It's an invite only beta right now, pretty fun site.
  11. moklepaul

    I'm going to get fat on these cookies!

    They're too damn good! I've been playing around with the recipe and found the one I like best: (I don't measure anything, lol) A bunch of cookie mix (for ON Protien users, about 5 scoops) 3 scoops chocolate protein 1 teaspoon cinamon 2 teaspoons Splenda 1 cup of milk, maybe a bit more... Mix...
  12. moklepaul

    Expired IGF

    Hopefully simple question. Have some IGF-1 that expired on 01/2006 according to the label. Unopened, been refrigerated since manufacture. Is it any good?
  13. moklepaul

    Cookie Question

    I'm not too smart with nutrition, sorry ;) Would these cookies be gluten free? My grandmother can't eat regular chocolate chip cookies because of the flower, but she'd really appreciate these if she could eat them. Does flax have gluten? Thanks :)
  14. moklepaul

    Free fish oil sample

    Nature's Bounty Nothing like Free stuff :D
  15. moklepaul

    Free KY warming ultragel sample

    K-Y Brand Samples & Promotions :chick:
  16. moklepaul

    Eggs Beneficial Breakfast Sandwich

    Tried this, was a nice change for me :) What you need: 1 large whole egg 3 large egg whites 1 tsp ground flaxseed 2 slices whole-wheat bread, toasted 1 slice Canadian bacon 1 tomato, sliced, or 1 green bell pepper, sliced How to prepare: 1. Scramble the whole egg and egg whites in a...
  17. moklepaul

    Mike's Mexican Vacation Weight Loss Thread

    Hey everyone! I've been lurking on here for a few weeks, great forum :D I got the link from the 1fast400 forums, which is where I get most of my supplements. I'm starting bobo's deluxe weightloss program on February 6. I am going to mexico on or near April 3, so I've got quite the deadline...