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  1. Bartmac36

    How long does it take for effects of 4-andro to kick in?

    Im actually referring to the side effects such as increased energy, sex drive, mood, etc.. not the actual muscle or strength building effects
  2. Bartmac36

    Andro cycle for longer than 8 weeks?

    I tried googling it and did some scanning of the site but couldnt find any concrete info so i figured id ask here. Has anyone run an andro cycle for longer than 8 weeks? Whether it be 1, 4, epi, etc.. Is there any downside for running, say, 1-andro for 12 weeks and if so what would it be?
  3. Bartmac36

    Predator Plexx and Super Dmz 3.0 stack?

    So i have one bottle of each left and they both expire within the next few months. Would it be crazy to stack these two products or even run them back to back? The two possibilities i was considering were: 1. Run predator plexx solo for the first 2 weeks at 2 caps a day, for the final 2 weeks...
  4. Bartmac36

    Hydra Nutrition?

    The past few days ive seen a sponsored ad on facebook pop-up for prohormones from a company called Hydra Nutrition. Anyone ever heard of them? The prohormones appear to all contain methylated compounds like msten and dmz, which is intriguing other than the fact that ive never once seen their...
  5. Bartmac36

    Bartmac36's N.I. MEGALAX LOG (sponsored)

    Alright guys and girls, I'm excited to get my first log underway! I will be running Nutraceutical Innovation's MEGALAX laxogenin at 100mg (4 caps) per day for ~6 weeks (40 days to be exact). This won't be one of those logs where I tell you guys great detail about every single thing I ate and...
  6. Bartmac36

    Epiandosterone for strength while on a cut?

    My goal is to continue to increase my strength while in a recomp/slight cutting phase. Keeping the protein/macros numbers up but dropping the calories a bit below maintenance. Would epiandosterone, particularly epilean be good for helping me to add strength or is it just for leaning out? Would...
  7. Bartmac36

    Question about training at home

    I just bought an olympic weight bench and set it up in my house with the intention of trying to increase my bench. I like to think i keep a good diet getting plenty of calories and protein/macros throughout the day. My question is this: if i were to bench everyday, like multiple times a day...
  8. Bartmac36

    BLR Rebirth - taper or no?

    Couldnt find anything after scanning the forum/google. Anyone know if Rebirth should be tapered as with other serms or should you just run at full dosage throughout?
  9. Bartmac36

    Whats needed for an LGD run?

    Curious to know everything ill need for a run of lgd-4033. Im most likely gonna get in on a sale for the primeval labs version today and was curious about everything i need. Do i need an AI or other on cycle support? A SERM for pct? Anything else? Planned to run at 10 mg for 6-8 weeks.
  10. Bartmac36

    Epi 2.0 vs Anafuse?

    Both vital labs products, both contain epicatechin. the question i have is which is better for strength? On one hand anafuse also contains laxogenin which ive heard also helps with strengh, but it does not contain anything to help improve epi absorption which i know has been cited as an issue...
  11. Bartmac36

    Liquid Nolva safe?

    i found a website that sells 10mg x 60 ml viles of tamoxifen citrate (nolva) for a reasonable price but comes with warnings and the bottle says for research purposes only, not for human consumption. is this only for legal purposes or is there really something about these liquid "research only"...
  12. Bartmac36

    Nolva or clomid for msten pct?

    Which do you guys think would better suit a 4 week msten cycle? I know they each have slightly different functions but they seem to both be go-to serms on this board.
  13. Bartmac36

    Whats the best natty supp(s) for strength?

    I've been doing research on different products like epi, ArA, laxogenin etc.. and i was wondering what the people around here have experienced the best pure strength gains with? Sometimes i read that a certain product is great for strength, then ill read in another place that its better for...
  14. Bartmac36

    Osta Shred or Anafuse for PCT?

    I am asking specifically as to which would go better in a pct for a cycle of powerdrol-10. Its a strong bulking ph so i would want a natty to run post cycle that could help keep those gains. After doing some research osta shred and anafuse are the two natural anabolics that i am trying to choose...