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  1. Clear Edge

    I didn't have anything in mind in particular...was just hoping that Matt could pull a rabitt out of his hat to really spoil us.
  2. Clear Edge

    I ordered 5 of these from the pre-sale and I can't wait. My ability to articulate my thoughts in a halfway decent manner has been wanting for quite some time now. I'm almost certain at least some of that mojo is just some of that good stuff away. I had some CE from the last batch lying around...
  3. EvoMuse DCP Writeup

    FWIW the dosing instructions say three times daily.
  4. Virile Mane FINAL FORMLA (unlabeled) debut sale

  5. Epitome: Next Big Leap

    I've been using the Epitome/BRITE capsules combination now for a couple weeks and my appetite has decreased while my ability to burn fat seems to have increased. I usually don't have that hard of a time losing weight when I commit to it although I do it very few and far between since I'm usually...
  6. Clear Edge

    Will Clear Edge be getting an upgrade?
  7. EvoMuse Presents: MyoSynergy 2021

    Don't ever feel rushed, bro. Dyed in the wool EvoMusers are already thinking about what a 2022 upgrade might bestow upon us.
  8. EvoMuse Presents: MyoSynergy 2021

    I did a quick search and was unable to find the sodium variety of IP6. Which brand are you using?
  9. EvoMuse Presents: GÜT HEALTH Ultimate

    My gas used to be fairly awful, both in terms of frequency and severity. I took a variety of probiotics over the years to no avail and was relegated to the notion it would most likely be a lifelong inconvenience. For perspective, it got to and stayed at the point where I'd wonder what effect it...
  10. EvoMuse presents...HUNG
  11. EvoMuse Presents: MyoSynergy 2021

    I view pre-orders as a way to help out Matt and get a good deal in the process. Historically they're not something you can set a clock to and to me that's a non-issue.
  12. EvoMuse BMP Writeup (UPDATED)

    Magnesium = 2 x RDA
  13. DCP Update

  14. DCP Update

    In which case you might want to ask dsade about his supersaturated liquid capsaicin concoction.
  15. EvoMuse presents...HUNG

    Not sure if you read much of the thread but it's a topical to be used in conjunction with traction, jelqs or what have you. I'm not sure what that is exactly but I know Matt has a recommended routine to go along with it.
  16. EvoMuse Presents: Flawless Skin Couture's Flawless IDRT formula

    Here is my take on the FSC line: Java is the bomb, I've 6 bars left and still I am worried about running out. It smells great and makes me feel a little more upbeat while also being comforted, as though being up early isn't all that bad. It also lathers great, exfoliates great, and like...
  17. BMP™ Improved Formula Presale

    I've never tried it before but for a while I was hoping that it would be released next. If AMMO is one of those things that will suit just about everyone and will help people gain muscle then I would vote for it to be added to MyoSynergy, at least until the line is re-established to its former...
  18. BMP™ Improved Formula Presale

    I've said it before but I vote MyoSynergy. Whether you're fat (been there), built or scrawny (I'm the latter) it's something that can benefit everyone.
  19. BMP™ Improved Formula Presale

    Nice! Can't wait!