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  1. protomike

    protomike goes on a summer cut with dcp, ap, and sesamin

    since my classes are just about over, have two more finals left, i figured i would start posting a little feed back about my cut so far. basically i started on my cut towards the end of march with a bottle of omega burn3d and ap. about the beginning of april i ordered a bottle of bulk sesamin...
  2. protomike

    protomike has a CLEAR EDGE.

    okay, here we go the what: CLEAR EDGE is a stimulant-free, scientifically-advanced energy and mental focus formula designed specifically for those that participate in activities that require full concentration for extended periods of time. Clear Edge contains an advanced blend of new and...
  3. protomike

    just needed to vent.

    hopefully this doesn't sound petty but i just need to say it. some of you guys might know that i've been slowly moving from the place i live at currently to my new house at the end of the month. my kitchen is filled with a ton of boxes and random things getting ready to be moved(ie guitars...
  4. protomike

    protomikes mellow yellow gold log.

    sorry for the late start, but here it goes... yellow gold came to my office yesterday afternoon, and i've held off on it so far. starting tomorrow morning. so here are my pre-YG stats: height: 5'11" weight: 179lbs (this morning on an empty stomach) bf: 15.5% via tanita (will have caliper...