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  1. need good routine

    Well first off I work 7 days a week and between 80-105 hours weekly. So it's hard to decide on a routine lol. I'm trying to start a cut and gonna be hitting the gym in the morning before work (work at 530am) Any suggestions on a good routine that won't completely drain me with my work schedule?
  2. Natadrol question?

    Ordered the new deal so getting 3 bottles of natadrol. Gonna run 4 a day since the new formula is supposed to be stronger and 4 is supposed to be 6.5 of the old a day. Gonna do 8 weeks at 4 a day and maybe bump to 6 a day later in the cycle. I plan on using a cycle support since I read of some...
  3. Norcodrene, at2, aav2

    I've Been on this stack awhile and my job is starting drug testing at random. Is there any worry of testing positive while on these?
  4. Help set up a dosing schedule

    I'm looking for a dosing schedule for alpha t2, aav2, and norcodrene. Currently I'm only taking the first two and norcodrene should be added in within the next week. Stats are 5'9" 170 looking to get as ripped up as possible before I start a long lean bulk. Diet is as follows. 2:45 wake up...
  5. Decent fat burning stack?

    Im looking to shred up for summer and my nutrition and trainings dialed in. I'm currently lifting 3-4 days a week upper/lower/upper/lower. (Work 84 hours a week on the rigs). I've been on ec for awhile and have had great results and recently added in abliderate advanced. I'm looking for the...