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  1. onemind1body

    anyone having issues?

    Anyone having issues getting through to this site? I contacted shop via support email and normally they respond within a few hours max, been 3 days no response. Called the phone line, no pickup. Any reps on here? thx
  2. onemind1body

    Sarm Forum

    Seems like 90% of threads these days are Sarm related. Any chance of getting a sub forum specifically for sarms?
  3. onemind1body

    First Order

    Gotta admit I am pretty impressed by the way Strong Supp Shop does biz. I pretty much have only ordered Nutraplanet for many years now, but took a shot on Strong Supp when Np was out of an item i needed asap. Got the express shipping from strong supps, same day shipped out, updated through email...
  4. onemind1body

    Primordial performance liqua-vade expiration date

    I know normal pills are fine way past labelled expiration dates. However, I have some of the primordial performance liqua-vade products laying around that expired in 2012. There are a ton of ingredients in the liqua-vade carrier that i am not fully educated on. Does anyone have any experience...
  5. onemind1body

    Sleep aid products

    Anyone have any luck with some of the newer products out to help with sleep? Nimbus nutrition had one about 5 years ago that worked great for me. Sadly, cant find it anywhere. let me know if you have tried something recently and had a good experience with it. Trying to get drowsy enough to fall...
  6. onemind1body

    Sending Supps to a Marine. MILITARY folks please chime in!

    A good buddy of mine from college left a few weeks ago to head into Afghanistan. Ive got his military addy. He is a marine. I wanted to send him some stuff to help him out over there. I was thinking a good multivitamin like orange triad, and some protein powder... I am open to suggestions from...
  7. onemind1body

    Question for reps, approaching week 6..

    So as some of you guys know I'm currently on day 16 of Tren LV, AH V3, and Drive. Around week 6, I'm going to bridge into a AndroSeries only stack and carry on for another 6 weeks. I know Tren LV is super strong, but im trying to come up with a stack that is compareable.Cost is not an issue...
  8. onemind1body

    Feeler For sale - Recompadrol & Iforce ECDY

    I have roughly 4.5 bottles of sealed and unsealed Iforce ECDY that i wont be using. I also have 2 recently opened bottles with about 90% + of recompadrol. I can get the official pill counts if there is interest in the above. Let me know folks- B MORE STUFF LISTED BELOW CONTINUE READING
  9. onemind1body

    7-Keto dosing

    First, big ups to Lifter for getting me the tracking info within 24 hours of my request. Second, I tracked the package, only to realize it was already sitting at my front door! :) 3 bottles finally here! After making sure the carrier doesn't bother my skin to any extremes, I'm planning on doing...
  10. onemind1body

    Keto and pct

    Coming up on my pct. I've experienced great success using keto and overall I feel great, much better than a low carb diet where I was always craving carbs. My thoughts are to increase calories , but stay keto, in hopes to keep strength up. However, I am concerned because I've never tried it...
  11. onemind1body

    WOW nutraplanet is human!

    After 4.5 years of persistent ordering solely from Nutra, they finally made a mistake on an order! Its amazing. I was beginning to think something bionic was going on in their shipping department. Seriously, its like about time someone messed up. LOL Anyways, ordered 7 I force ECDY, recieved 7 I...
  12. onemind1body

    If you have n2kt in your home, please lend a hand

    Hey guys, I laid off stims for a few months and I just brokeout my tub of n2kts and it has no scooper! No scale here either. Can someone tell me if one scoop is more or less than a tablespoon. Ive gone through so many powder products that I don't remember the size scoop of n2kts at all! Thanks...
  13. onemind1body

    Ntbm homepage error?

    Anyone else getting this error? Tried going on to place an order and says bandwidth has been exceeded?
  14. onemind1body

    Last dcp run?

    I briefly remember there being one more run of dcp before tta is taken out of the formula. Any time frame or updates on this?
  15. onemind1body

    question on refeed timing- Keto!

    Doing the palumbo keto diet. Actually feel great on the diet now that I have adjusted. I'm coming up to my second refeed meal and am looking for some suggestions as to how I can time it best to be advantageous to a tuesday at noon chest workout. Chest is my lagging body part simply because ive...
  16. onemind1body

    Primordial dollars problem.. Reps are someone from the company, help out!

    So I started my business with you guys in 2008 and started my log in name prior to that. For some unknown reason I neglected to log into my name while ordering these last few years. After searching my hotmail inbox, I have a total of 5 invoices, totaling about $1080 in product over those 5...
  17. onemind1body

    Funny but much need question for the genomyx team.

    Alright fellas, so I I hAve about 2.75 bottles of smolder left and I really need to get to the bottom of this. I experienced all the benefits of the mellow burn and warming feeling and really think it's a great product. HOWEVER, lol , I experienced a serious problem. I was applying to chest and...
  18. onemind1body

    HCGenerate First 13 days...

    I was originally going to write just a final review for this product but felt inclined to at least give an update since adding HCGen to my stack. I've been doing a pretty heavy Epi-Strong & Hella recomp. I will be stopping this monday at 8 weeks. I've had experiences with both solo and stacked...
  19. onemind1body

    ETA on GEAR

    Patiently waiting on the new arrival of HCgen and can't help myself about wanting to add gear to the curren stack I will be running. Any news on availability of GEAR? Thx in advance!
  20. onemind1body

    HCGenerate out of stock in 2 days?

    Maybe I am loosing it, but I totally thought I saw HcG in stock with the lower price again, until today?! Is it seriously out of stock already or am I just hallucinating this because I want to order it so bad?