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  1. moklepaul

    RIP - Big Daddy Chemo

    RIP buddy. Can't believe it was almost a year ago. Jblaze just pointed it out to me today. Prayers for your family man.
  2. moklepaul

    Canada customs seized my NY order!

    Got a call today that customs had cleaed my package, and I could pick it up at the sorting facility :s Had to pay an extra $13 in taxes. It appears customs seized the individual products that were banned but released the rest. Rare for them to do that. So in the end I have the most expensive...
  3. moklepaul

    moklepaul's Needtobuildmuscle Contest Log. NeedToBuildMuscle & MrSupps FTW

    Wow I guess I'm late updating this! Been out of town working this whole time. Barely getting 6 hours sleep a night! But I'm not here to complain haha... In spite of work going hard my diet has been pretty darn good. No junk food, high protein. Keeping around 2500 cals. Switched to a...
  4. moklepaul

    Trauma1 and Primordial part ways

    So T1 retires and now Easy's gonna get beat up on the internet. Legen... wait for it... dary /popcorn
  5. moklepaul

    Trauma1 and Primordial part ways

    This thread is worse than groundhog day. Just when you think you got it figured out... reset!
  6. moklepaul

    Nutraplanet hooked me up!

    Luck of the draw. I've always been denied when I asked. Used to get stuff for free couple years back but haven't seen anything lately. I want a fitted cap ;)
  7. moklepaul

    Trauma1 and Primordial part ways

    /end thread
  8. moklepaul

    Trauma1 and Primordial part ways

    How is it bad timing? After the presale and release of info the reps are undoubtably going to be inundated with PMs and questions about the product. Now if they curently know they aren't committing enough time to their duties, they SHOULD resign now, before the storm hits. If anything PP...
  9. moklepaul

    Listen, Your FAT! 7 Reasons Why + Contest!

    I think fat ass 101 should get all the free stuff. Just 'cause.
  10. moklepaul

    Trauma1 and Primordial part ways

    Some of us still like ya B5 ;) RIP Avant <3 As a company coming out with a major release I'd rather have 6 active committed reps than 12 that are busy with their real life. People move on all the time, this isn't a loss to any party. I'm sure T1 will be missed greatly but realistically if he...
  11. moklepaul

    An Old-School Approach to Phenomenal Strength

    I'm not a big guy but I can shoulder carry 150% of my bodyweight! Yay I'm a 1/10 of the way there haha.
  12. moklepaul

    Canada customs seized my NY order!

    Finally got issued a K24 number and customs confirmed they had it, but right away the agent gave me her supervisors number and said he was dealing with it personally :O Can't get a hold of him of course. Googling the K24 form it would appear as though they're holding it pending recieving proper...
  13. moklepaul

    HGH and height increase at 18

    Smaller women would make it [look] bigger lol
  14. moklepaul

    HGH and height increase at 18

    I read somewhere that if you put DHT cream on it when you first hit puberty it will make it bigger. Though I personally doubt that to be true.
  15. moklepaul

    HGH and height increase at 18

    You're best bet is to have children with a very tall woman so your kids can at least be tall. You're genetics are what you're stuck with. Try an inversion table and cross your fingers haha.
  16. moklepaul

    Peter North's Secret?!?!?

    Even Jesus' wife would appreciate the ropes ;) haha... I've always had large ones by nature, but in my experience, the following all made women drown: Sustain Alpha + Toco 8 (after PCT, if that makes a difference...) SERMs Aspire36 Original (the best supplement ever made. Ever.)
  17. moklepaul

    Listen, Your FAT! 7 Reasons Why + Contest!

    hahahahaha you gonna steal a bucket of chicken too? lol I'm fat 'cause I live in Canada, and these bitch tits keep me warm when it's 40 below! I'm only fat on AM. I'm the skinny kid in the buffet line :D
  18. moklepaul

    Pinnin IGF IM

    You can get longer slin pins. But 1/2" is plenty. Hit your shoulders or bi's. No way you have a half inch of fat there...
  19. moklepaul

    i reached in with my protien scooper and pulled out a.........

    so whats the big deal then. a little string won't hurt you.
  20. moklepaul

    Dose anyone get sad with 1,3-dimeth?

    digital scale. Or stick the tip of a knife in there and start with that. It's such a small amount of powder.